Brexit Thread Jan<strike>-Feb</strike> 22nd to 28th

DEADLINE DAY - 29th March





So, how’s the old Brexit going then?

Think they need to just get on with it really.

Apparently nothing bad is happeni… Wait

Whiskas and mash for dinner again is it?

Brexit cottage pie.


Oooh, is this the Aquarius Brexit thread?

Isn’t that what shops do?

“Excuse me, do you have any cat food?”
“Oh bear with me a sec, just need to nip to Spar to get some. Won’t be two minutes”


Brexit Forever
One Become Two
Some Spice Girls song that I can shoehorn the word knees into

Yeah, I think the tone of articles like this is a bit misleading - planning for market disruption is what I would expect from a retailer. If their concern is that there ain’t no more cat food coming in the long run, that’s a different story from the one that’s reported here.

Fuck up your life


If you wanna knee my lover
You’ve gotta Brexit, my friend


Sorry if anyone answered this in the last thread and I missed it, but

I mean, I assume that we won’t still be deciding what’s happening on 28th March, and debating whether to extend article 50 or whatever - there must be a point before then where, if we haven’t revoked/extended it, and haven’t agreed a deal, then no-deal is definitely going ahead?

I would assume it really depends on until when the EU leaders are prepared to remain open to offers. You have to assume that, if a mutually-beneficial 11th hour deal was proposed, they wouldn’t reject it on the grounds of being a bit late. I don’t know, though, I’m just thinking

Stop right now :raised_hand:
Thank you very much
I kneed somebody with the Brexit touch


Makes me thing of this:

Least we’ll have control of our Pure Shores after Brexit



got some chat today from a pal who has a friend who’s head of buying for major UK supermarket

Pal’s friend was in a Govt meeting today along with head buyers from all the other major supermarkets and they told the Minister chairing the meeting, in no uncertain terms, what would happen to their companies and to the UK if it left the EU with no deal. The Govt response was “We disagree”

The buyers apparently were all “Well OK then, who is going to make this alternative reality happen because right now we’re the people who manage the supply chain ?” …and the Govt. had no response


Pretty obvious what’s happening here imo

The ‘officials’ (whoever they are) are trying to push the plan most likely to get a second referendum, whilst the MPs are using the campaign as a vessel for other aims (in particular using it to position themselves against both the Tory and Labour leaderships as the only people in parliament looking out for remainers. Chukka wants to lead his own party, so do a couple others)

*lol should have read the whole article, it goes into all this further down.

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The TV has stockpiled 6 months of excess insulin. Fair enough I guess seeing as she needs it to, you know…live.

That said, she was always had a decent fallback supply at most times as she has concerns about a zombie apocalypse…

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Been sticking my prescription for inhalers in more regularly than I would otherwise. Got a few in store just in case.

Not sure if it was some sort of targeted message, but was on YouTube yesterday and a suggested video popped up of some bloke eating military meal kits… I ended up spending like an hour and a half watching videos of this bloke unpacking and eating ration packs.
Looks quite fun, like a picnic really. Bring on Brexit!

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