Brexit thread - rest of April/May/June/July... until something new happens

We’ve successfully punted the can way into the distance. Everyone has gone home. Someone can clean it in a little while.

Parliament is back on April 23rd. Be very surprised if anything happens this month. But if it does? We can talk about it here, yes we can.

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Fucking insane shit frankly. Even if we decided to undo it all and go back everything has moved out of the UK already, it seems. Bugger.

you started it (safetywink)


The European elections are going to be terrible aren’t they, all the gammons (usually the only ones who vote in stuff like this) will go out to vote for Farage’s new moron party and Labour/Lib Dems/SNP/Greens will spend most of the time having a go at Corbyn.

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Maybe not

Hard to tell if this is Government policy or just a senior Tory prick spouting whatever comes into his head at that specific moment in time, but it looks like the drama will continue in the next few weeks:

Are they really planning on investing huge sums of money in campaigning then scrapping the elections at the last second? Or not campaigning and then panicking when they realise they need to pull a coherent message out of their arses? I look forward to both.


Sorry, not sure I understand the distinction here?? LOL


Theresa May is on record that she wants to confirm the Withdrawal Agreement by 22 May and avoid holding European Parliament elections.

Neither of the two solutions suggested by Jeremy Hunt are very likely to lead to that however:

  • talks with Labour may be ongoing, but there are no signs that they’ll lead to anything. Plus the Labour party is pretty divided, so even a compromise agreed between the government and the Labour leadership will not automatically lead to a majority for the WA in the Commons
  • getting the DUP on board is a non-starter. The DUP have been extremely consistent in rejecting the WA since November. They’ll never change their mind.

Bollawks to Brexit!


I have bad news for you, Jeremy…


The British foreign secretary said he had discussed Brexit with Abe, and with officials at automaker Toyota, "but we [Hunt and Abe] also spoke for much longer about … global security, defending the Western way of life — things where Britain and Japan have an enormous amount in common”



Excellent example of how vague concepts like Occidentalism and ethnicity that so animate the right can be quickly rolled outwards to include others, and just as easily taken away, as the occasion demands.

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I get Femi is somewhat problematic but this is an excellent dunk


It’s the year 2087 and in the scourged deserts of the United Kingdom the robot head of Theresa May, Prime Minister, skitters into the ruins of the Houses of Parliament for the 462nd meaningful vote on her Brexit deal. She is defeated 3-1 by two pigeons and the skeleton of Jeremy Corbyn. The robot head of Theresa May returns to Downing Street where she gives a press conference to a dried-out oak tree. This is a setback but she will persevere to make sure she delivers the best deal for Britain.


Would enjoy a Pixar adaptation


It’s exciting to think that nothing at all is going to happen with brexit now until three weeks before Extension Date #3, when all the exact same things will happen again.


i assume that at some point between now the deadline the EU will very very loudly say “oi, you british idiots have you actually done anything? if not we’re going for no deal planning but we really mean it this time”

and then we’ll no deal by fucking around and not doing anything and it will be terrible

No, in fact they’re gonna be the most interesting European elections that the UK has ever participated in. Can not wait to see the shit slinging between UKIP and The Brexit Party, the impending collapse of the Conservatives, discovering Labour’s strategy to appeal to both their leave and remain voters (is it possible?), and see how well Greens, Libs et all will do.

For once I might even vote!

I’m looking forward to the Tory manifesto.

Vote for us and we’ll… Make your vote redundant?

A WORKING class man actually believes that someone called Annunziata Rees-Mogg relates to him and has his best interests at heart.

Wayne Hayes, who lives in Doncaster and drives a forklift, is wholeheartedly behind the politician and her totally genuine and in no way cynical push for Brexit on his behalf.

Hayes said: “We’re basically the same. She didn’t go to university either.
“So what if she had a bit of help from her old man along the way? My dad lent me his car last week when mine was up on bricks. Same thing.

“And just like her when she failed to win the seat of Somerton and Frome, I fuck up at my job constantly. I reckon she’d really get around me and my mates, and we’ll take her to the boozer when she comes here.”

Annunziata, which is Latin for ‘peasant eviscerater’, has yet to visit Hayes’ constituency as she is demanding they corral all the local poors into an out-of-town leisure centre before she arrives.