Brexit thread - rest of April/May/June/July... until something new happens

It’s because she’s been in the news being terrible at her job every fucking day. Most PMs go months on end without being involved in anything of any real significance. PMQs exist to help to remind people that there IS a Prime MInister.

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Did you see that the police have told a McDonald’s to not sell milkshakes.

You got a source for this?

Coffee is always an option…

If that’s the one in Edinburgh, it’s in a big Asda, so still plenty of options.

Not sure they’ve thought this through.


They are still tweeting these out, despite the climbdown yesterday

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We’re getting another Brexit speech today. Thanks heavens for that. I reckon this one will be different to the rest.

  • This speech will be remembered as the one that solved Brexit
  • Hah, good one.

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That went well.

In other news. This is the kind of person we’re trying to satisfy… (Click through and watch the video)


The speed with which she jumps to calling him a traitor…

I don’t even know how to react to this. Awful.


She’d made up her mind before she started and then just twisted the facts to suit her opinion.


We’re so screwed.

Humans were a mistake


I do not like this man at all but thought he handled the situation well. Such an utterly bizarre situation though, I’ve watched it a few times and I struggle to comprehend how this is a real interaction between two actual real life people.


The BBC surely must take a significant slice of the blame for this culture, given the number of clueless foghorns they’ve platformed across the past 3 years. This stupid idiot is just copying what she’s seen on TV.


I’m with @rarity on this one. I blame all humanity. Burn it to the ground.

(Our whole culture, yes including the BBC, are culpable in where we’ve ended up)

Sometimes I look through Qanon twitter and take a small amount of comfort in the fact that it doesn’t exist here, but this is a good reminder that, but for a catchy name, it basically does.

Jokes aside, her story is actually pretty tragic and kind of points to a failure of social services among other things.


This article is from 12 years ago and she’s since been in court a number of times in connection with homophobic and racist assaults. Don’t mean to sound callous, but I think there are a lot of people much more deserving of sympathy