Brexit thread - rest of April/May/June/July... until something new happens

think I just had a crap morning and being a bit fragile about it - whacked my hand on a lamp-post and missed a bus within 30 minutes of waking up.

Not ideal!

Reckon there’s scope for (yet) a(nother) tortured Brexit analogy, there, but that’s not my forte, so I’ll step down.

You didn’t want the bus to succeed enough
Typical remoaner always talking down our buses and assaulting our lampposts. :smiley:

Hope your day improves.

Is anyone else concerned that all the news reports are painting No Deal as the bad option, rather than Brexit with or without a deal being a bad thing? I’m wondering if there’s some subtle re-drawing of the lines going on which softens the idea of brexit just because we don’t have no deal.

Or maybe it actually is that No deal is unpalatable, any deal would fail in parliament (which isn’t really being spoken about despite the number of times May’s deal failed), which means we end up staying after all?

I think it’s because we’ve gone backwards. May’s deal is effectively off the table now, even though it’s the only deal that’s actually on offer - so the discussion is back to no deal vs an abstract non-existent deal that Johnson or Hunt are claiming to be able to deliver with unicorns and rainbows. And who doesn’t like unicorns and rainbows?

I for one am shocked


What say you, GreensEFA?

Fair enough.

What about you, Labour’s centre-left crew?

Ah, you’ll enable, but be vigilant.

Indeed. Hnnnnnnng. So predictable.

Von Der Leyen is approved by 383 votes (374 required).

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Fucking state of these melts that they can’t even cop to the fact the 2nd ref vote was always about pushing Remain



was thinking earlier how I haven’t seen/heard anything from JRM for AGES.

Which is nice.

He’s apparently been inventing magic money again

oh God. Just realised he’s going to be in Bo-Jo’s cabinet.

love leadsome saying she wouldn’t back something. course she will. she’s a tory and they don’t rebel

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Rees-Mogg told the Guardian this was part of “project fear”, which he claimed had been “consistently wrong”, adding that his article made clear that the “barriers to trade that the chancellor is fretting about would be against World Trade Organization rules, while he ignores the benefits of future trade deals”.

Kind of weird that three years after the referendum Rees-Mogg still doesn’t seem to understand how tariffs work and why they’d be necessary in the event of the UK leaving the single market.

He does understand them, he just knows that the world of global finance is opaque to 99.9% of the population.


It’s the

bit that gets me.

He’s literally just made up some amazing trade deals, hasn’t he

Prove to me that those fantastic trade deals won’t, in fact, exist. Prove it.

Check mate.


That’s it isn’t it - the whole of brexit is built on a shit misunderstanding of pascal’s wager

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