Brexit Thread V - Only the Best Trade Deals


They’re moving on to phase 2 apparently, so maybe time for a new thread as the Tories and press delude themselves that they’ll be getting great trade deals all round. Feel free to delete/close this thread if you don’t think it’s needed though!


Finally limped out of the group stage, bit of a banana skin in the last 16



Wait NI gets to stay european?


I wonder if it’s pissing Nick Clegg off to see the DUP having way more influence on the Tories than he ever could.



It really shows up how spineless they were in waving through the austerity that helped to deliver a Brexit vote.


not to mention fucking up PR


I may be misunderstanding this, but it said on one of the reports that the UK had agreed to align with the EU on agriculture, energy, etc. Does this mean we’re basically staying in the single market in all but name, then?


All the regulations with none of the influence. Seems like a wonderful idea.


I don’t think they actually have much leverage because they want the same things the conservatives want most of the time, so would have to cut off their nose to spite their face, I’m sure the recent brexit tensions are going to blow over because ultimately they aren’t going to block it


my understanding is

LEAVE the customs union
LEAVE the singe market
LEAVE the ECJ (with the exception of appeal rulings on EU citizens resident in Britain at the time of Brexiting)

REMAIN fishing & farming quotas
REMAIN energy infrastructure

something like that

though the word ‘alignment’ is a very malleable one


Presumably through the right of NI citizens to also hold an Irish passport? Obviously in the past this hasn’t been an issue as your UK passport would also grant you EU citizenship, but post Brexit this would totally result in a two-tier UK…


All those fishermen who voted Brexit so they could catch as many damn fish as they like will be over the moon with that one I imagine.


Does that include energy saving lightbulbs? Fucking LOL if so.


probably includes banana curvature in the agricultural policy too

fucking brexit wankers


Makes it easier, given that most of it is owned by other EU countries anyway.




yeah, I’m sure they were all sharpening their harpoons for the next Cod War


well quite