Brexit Thread V - Only the Best Trade Deals


i can’t remember if we’ve done this before but if remain had won and there was now a group of us on this forum suggesting that the decision be voted on again because the vote was too close, how would you be reacting to that?

i absolutely share your desperation and sense of futility, and tbh a numbing pain about Brexit. But ignoring the result… there’s no way you’d entertain that if our side had won.

Brexit might well fuck things up faster, for sure. And the referendum should never ever have happened. but it has. but walking away from the result of the vote… i mean does that not get the back of your heart a bit? there’s no way it can be justified, despite all the shit.


The government’s paper on the environment, released this morning, was saying that fishing quotas had been a good thing…


But what about


I think it would have to come from people aboard unless we want (even more) collapse of the food chain.

Even Reese-Mogg thinks so:

7:50 mins here - ‘seasonal workforce program from outside the EU’


Ah, but they’re okay - they’re only here for a little while and doing jobs we don’t want. It’s all those benefit scroungers and health tourists from abroad (citation needed) we don’t want.


We’ve totally done this before :smiley:

Thing is ‘ignoring the result’ if remain won would be to implement brexit and leave the EU which isn’t comparable with keeping the status quo that works.

And without repeating all the things and reasons I said before and in my posts today I don’t think they’re equal results, I don’t think we should destroy this country ‘just because’ and I find the idea we it’s just something we have to do complexly baffling and perverse tbh.

It’s not something you’d accept in any other walk of life - being duped, lied to and fucked over. If you bought a rotten sandwich at the café at lunch you’d take it back and say I don’t want it.

But to possibly say we shouldn’t go ahead and destroy everything for at least a generation cos of a corrupt and gerrymandered referendum in what is a far right coup and the rise is fascism in this country? Nope that just too much. It’s nonsense I’m afraid.
See my post up there for my views on the ‘disenfranchised’ angle.


Actually, I’d probably just bin it, but I take your point.


A car, a house, anything at all. I used something small to show people don’t accept bad quality/results/service for even tiny things. So why accept it for the biggest thing in a generation or more?


but if you’re gonna go down that line, being duped, lied to and fucked over is something that westminster has been doing to so many disadvantaged people forever, and to be blunt over in this here london…we kind of have been accepting it. and then are shocked when there’s a less than enthusiastic response to keeping the status quo.

and that’s my point. your reasoning is that changing the status quo isn’t comparable to keeping it as it is. but that only works if the status quo has been good for everyone up until now…


also see the entire of America on the exact same lines


But but but… and this is the point I keep saying and people aren’t really grasping… It’s going to fuck them even more! If a chain smokers at risk of lung cancer the doctors don’t hand them a pack of 40 and say smoke 'em up even if they ask for it. The doctor is an expert (shock!) and their opinions should carry a bit more weight.


Also I’d totally ask for my money back.


ah so you’re talking about a state where NickDS tells poor people what’s good for them.*

*obviously i have phrased this for dramatic effect and the lols


Yeah, as I said, I take the basic point you’re making :slight_smile:


also your analogy doesn’t work unless it was the state that got that person addicted to cigs in the first place btw…


Just on that - I find it absolutely baffling that he’d even pretend to consider it.




he has always been fed by media hype, and of late there has been no press to give him. now there’s tons. that’s literally all it is.

remember his victory speech actually started as ‘i don’t think we’ll have done it but we will fight on’ etc etc. loved being the underdog. now, if brexit happens and goes to shit, he looks like a cunt. and he can’t get away from it.


Oh come on. I know that’s safey winking but you’re literally saying you’re cool with destroying the country because poor people* voted for it.

Another reason I have no time for this will of the people bullshit: watch the guardian video I posted up there (or any of the countless other vox pops over the last year and half) from about 1.20. Why did that guy they ask vote leave? ‘To get the immigrants out’.
Brexit is inherently racist and xenophobic (the Farage poster, that split screen NHS advert, many warnings about floods of (muslim) immigrants from Syria) all dialogue was about stopping immigration and getting them out. Doesn’t matter that loads of those areas are over 90% white British of course and most others being non-EU migrants and so not part of the EU equation.
Why a bunch of people on a massively left leaning site like this seem to think we need to support or at least accept such a racist, right wing movement I really don’t get.

*but not just poor people at all


This is the second time today you’ve turned people disagreeing you about keeping true to a democratic vote into them being pro destroying the country. And then in your last para you turn it into basically anyone that disagrees with you at all

Ahm oot.