Brexit Thread V - Only the Best Trade Deals


Yeah, only with £100 billion fewer in the public purse and an unstoppable recession 2 quarters away


Why though? We didn’t have a recession after the referendum result, or since. Even as an ardent remainer myself, have to admit that not all predictions of economic woe came to pass. You speak with a certainty that i’m not sure can be justified.


All the predictions were based upon the immediate invoking of Article50, as Cameron promised he would.

Economic growth has started to stall already, in anticipation of March 2019. In bellwether service sectors we’re seeing a slow down now.




thought we already agreed to bin this account off? (CG that is)


No idea

I don’t really believe in bannings but then it’s not really my call to make

2018 uk politics thread (rolling)

already moved, already learning another language


Planning on sorting out my Irish passport in the next few months in order to keep my options open (Beamish and @kallgeese here I come!)




where you thinking @littlebirds?


I’ve actually lived in Geneva for 3 years now (my French is still shit but it’s a new year’s resolution to work harder on it), was previously living in the Netherlands. I work in international development, which is relatively mobile, so I kind of fell into it. I’ve come to really like the city and particularly the nature but I’d also like to try somewhere a bit more adventurous/less bougie. I’m not sure where my next move will be but right now I don’t feel too keen on moving back to the UK right now :disappointed:


ah I see, didn’t know that! My dad used works in Geneva quite a lot cuz of pharmaceutical companies. Anyway, plenty of opportunities from there I’d assume?


I hope so! You moved to Germany right? Which city?


Berlin! I’m currently studying my masters while trying to get better at the language and find a student job, it’s hard and only possible because of my partner, so I appreciate how lucky I am, but the irony is I’m still in a band based in London which might bring me crawling back for a while at least…


Awesome! Berlin is a great place to be. I was in the Netherlands studying my masters before finding my way here. Good way to have a fresh start abroad if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford it. Hope it works out for you man


heh, thanks, me too (you also)! I do enjoy being here I just need to (remember to) be patient


*I should point out that I’m not fluent in Spanish - I just know enough (a level, continues as second subject at degree and then some night classes) that I’m confident that I’d be able to move out there, survive the short term and hopefully achieve fluency in the not-too-far future

So somewhere between the two options in the poll


Lots of confusion over Labour’s Brexit position in this thread. Their shadow Brexit Minister clarified it yesterday. Should put the issue to bed hopefully.



Where’s the Hope Scotland can bring da ruckus option?

On that note…

Fair point. But I’ll hand over to The Sturge on this one:

“I think the bigger issue in order to get that majority, is to get Jeremy Corbyn off of the ridiculous position he is in. Either Jeremy Corbyn is still misunderstanding the position of single market, which given how often it has been pointed out to him can’t possibly be the case, or he is trying to deliberately mislead people with this line that you cannot be in the single market if you are not in the EU. I mean Norway stands as the living proof that that is just not the case.

“So the forces within Labour in this direction are getting louder and I believe that majority is there. The House of Commons can, if it chooses to, decide not to allow Theresa May to go down the road that is in her narrow party political interest and instead forge a path that is in the interests of the country overall.”

That’s obviously, framed in a fairly barbed party political manner, but the gist is right, yeah? With a bit of co-ordination the gov’s actions on this can be undermined significantly, such that Parliament can, if not undo Brexit, mitigate against the worst effects, rather than sleepwalk into a deeper nightmare.