Brexit Thread V - Only the Best Trade Deals


Seems like Brexit might actually mean Brexit… maybe… :man_shrugging:


From what I understand the reason Norway almost comes up in these conversations is because they’re treated as though they were part of the single market but the actual definition of single market is specifically tied to EU member states.

I mean it’s a bit, nebulous because Corbyn’s right, but his comments don’t necessarily close the door for some sort of deal leading to the UK being treated like an EU member or indeed that being something that he’d push for in the future.


So the EU has agreed the ‘transition’ negotiation guidelines (in 2 minutes?!) and, as expected, the UK has to abide by all the rules and regulations but will have no influence in the decision making process.

I know we’re on the same page in this thread, and it’s been said a billion times before, but what a complete fuck-up this is.


‘But people voted for it!!!’ (this is pretty much the only response they have left now)


It was inevitable that this would be the reality of the situation.

“We hold all of the trump cards”

“We can have our cake and eat it”

“They need us more than we need them”

Bullshit. Those statements were bullshit then and they’re bullshit now. The deal that the UK will get at the end of this sorry affair will be the deal that the EU sees fit to give the UK. Simple as that.



But how will they survive without our cheeses?!


Inserts ‘well this seems fine’ gif




The profile picture ffs


he has literally blinded one of his eyes with a campaign ribbon. everything is satire.

blinded is a weird word. seems wrong.


the main comment from brexiteer members of the public that i see online is “just leave”

i think there’s two types of brexiteer

  1. those who think we can just leave the EU tomorrow and by Easter everything will be brilliant (a delusion so ridiculous it can’t be put into words)
  2. those who know it will be a fucking catastrophe but that they will personally be able to benefit from the chaos (terrifying, but I can also understand why they’re not shouting this in public)

meanwhile remainers sit around with that rushing feeling you get when falling from great height


The infuriating thing I see from leavers in response to all these economic assessments is that ‘it’s just a prediction’, ‘we can’t see the future’, ‘it’s never happened before so no one can possibly know what will happen’ etc.

Is that denial or just wilful ignorance of how these things actually work.


a bit of both, plus some blind faith


That first response is absolutely tragic :man_facepalming:


General elections are undemocratic!


It is funny when Leavers say ‘so you want to just keep voting again and again eh’ as if we elect governments for life or something.


You get a vote, but you can only use it once.

If you accidentally click a DiS poll, then that’s it.


Bleurgh. Even by the low standards of government statements on Brexit, this one is appaling.

Q: This impact report says Brexit will be bad. Can we see it so we can do our jobs?
A: No. Brexit will be great. You just need to believe in it.

Q: Does the minister agree that Brexit will be just wonderful and we’ll all be really happy forever ever after.
A: Yes, my friend makes a very good point.


I have a question.

If it’s now the government’s position that all government forecasts are flawed to the point that they should be ignored, why is the government wasting money doing forecasts at all?