Brexit Thread V - Only the Best Trade Deals


Its so bizarre. He’s just stood at the dispatch box for about an hour attacking reports made by his own government.


Made, and leaked, by his own department, no less.


Quite. I know its been trailed recently that Labour are considering now advocating permanent customs union membership, would be surprised if that doesn’t happen given this leak. Perhaps single market too, but that is possibly the next step after that.


The European single market would be a good name for a dating app


Amazon hospitals coming in a year or so, sign up to Prime while you can


Lord Pearson of Rannoch , a former Ukip leader, said the UK should withhold cash for the EU “if they don’t behave themselves”.

He wants us to treat the EU as a child. :joy:


I guess that if they locate the hospitals next to the warehouses, it would remove the need to call out ambulances to ferry exhausted workers to ER departments…


M9 …robots & drones don’t get exhausted




can’t read most of the article cos of the paywall but fuck me


Should probably stick that poster in the heavy-handed satire thread, mind you.


It’s a Scarfolk poster

You don’t know Scarfolk?


I do know Scarfolk actually, I just don’t recall them using actual current people before in their stuff.

Also, satire is very much about context: in the context of Scarfolk, which is a particular sort of satire, this works. It’s intentionally ridiculous.

Used like this it become silly.






Leo McKinistry, doesn’t he usually do this nonsense for the Express? Says a lot about the Telegraph if they’re using him as well.


Weirdly enough, he also used to be a Labour councillor in Islington, before he swung to the right.


according to wiki

In the early 1990s McKinstry was a Labour councillor in Islington and worked as a parliamentary aide to Labour politician Harriet Harman, later criticising what he described as her “dangerous gospel of feminist fascism”.[5] Losing his seat on Islington council in 1994, he was working for Labour front bencher Doug Henderson when he announced the following year, via an article in The Spectator, that he no longer supported the party.[6] Subsequently, he was a regular columnist in both the Daily Mail and the Daily Express.

that’s a fucking terrifying career path, labour in the early 90’s to the daily mail


Read this article a few weeks ago and meant to post it but forgot

Obviously very problematic analogies going on but I think it correctly identifies some stuff about English nationalism and what membership of the eu presented

“The EU challenged England not to give up a national identity, but to acquire one”


that sentence is so incredibly on the money.