Brexit Thread V - Only the Best Trade Deals


Good on Wes Streeting to be on the BBC this morning slagging off Corbyn as much as the Tories. Smart move there, mate.


nationalise wes streeting


How will this ‘absolutely leaving the customs union’ position square with the stage 1 agreement on no regulatory divergence then? Will we leave the customs union but still mirror it exactly, or will they renege back to the “oh but that agreement wasn’t really an agreement” shite they started spouting 2 days after?


It’s the “Not until there is a separate English parliament . . . will the delusions that led the country to Brexit finally be dissipated by contact with reality.” bit that resonates for me.

Been saying on here for years that the UK has one of three futures.

  1. English parliament
  2. Revoke devolution
  3. Scottish independence

The first was the easiest and most logical option (for solving a problem brought to a head by some classic Blair/New Labour fudgery). But there’s clearly fuck all appetite for it cos neither England nor Westminster can see further than the hand in front of their face. So that one never got further than the back of a beermat. In light of the Brexit it seems that a misguided on the second option is fully underway. But that ship sailed waaay back. It will fail abysmally. And, then, there will only be one option left.


It’s fine, we can all just drive JCBs and drink Carling instead.


For health and safety sake, hopefully not simultaneously.


Health and Safety is an EU invention foisted on us by the union. Brexit JCB and Carling at the same time it is!


the latest from Robert Peston… Schrodinger’s border ahoy!

There is one big thing on the agenda of the Brexit war cabinet today and tomorrow: it is to give legal form to Schrodinger’s border.

“Schrodinger’s border” is a senior Tory’s name for what the government has to create between Northern Ireland and the Republic: a border that both exists and doesn’t exist at the same time.

Or to put it another way, there has to be enough of a border so that after we leave the EU, the rest of the EU isn’t fearful that goods failing to meet their standards leak from the province into the EU single market.

They don’t want US chlorinated chicken polluting EU coq au vin, for example, which might happen if we succeed in doing a trade deal with Trump’s America and there aren’t border checks.

But the border can’t be so real that it stimulates the kind of smuggling and crime which in the past has funded terrorism.

So the border somehow has to exist and not exist.

Now the reason Theresa May and her top ministers have to agree a text that would enshrine Schrodinger’s border into law is that without it the rest of the EU says we won’t get a 21-month transition to full Brexit - which so many businesses say they desperately need, if they are to have the faintest chance of adjusting to the realities of Brexit.

If at this point you think that Schrodinger’s border is a logical impossibility and that therefore there won’t be a transition, and we’ll be crashing out of the EU on 29 March next year, well there is something to that fear.

But the government in December agreed, in a non-legally-binding text, that if Schrodinger’s border can’t be created through a technological miracle, there would be a regulatory solution - viz that we would commit through “high level alignment” between our regulations and the EU’s that we wouldn’t sell shoddy goods and products to the EU.

But turning that statement of intent into a binding promise brings huge risks for Theresa May - because it would be seen as enshrining forever the possibility that our business laws and regulations could be determined in Brussels, and many who voted for Brexit would see that as a betrayal.

Jacob Rees-Mogg would spontaneously combust at the very idea.

So please pity Theresa May and her top ministers, because in the next 24 hours they need to come up with the words for a Schrodinger law - a text relating to the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic that is seen by the rest of the EU as legally binding and is viewed by Jacob Rees-Mogg as a worthless piece of paper.

And by the way, if you think that’s a challenge, it is as nothing to the task for May of formulating what our future trade relationship with the EU should be, such that EU government heads regard her position as clear enough to publish guidelines in March for meaningful negotiations on a trade deal, while being sufficiently vague to prevent a lethal schism in her cabinet and party.

What she needs is Schrodinger’s trade plan, a proposal that is simultaneously seen by the rest of the EU as guaranteeing that all their rules and regulations are being followed by British exporters of goods and services, so that those exporters have lowest cost access to the EU single market, while Brexit-supporting Tory ministers and MPs see it as repatriating to the UK the ability to set our own rules and regulations.

“Ce n’est pas possible!” you might be tempted to say - echoing what I’ve already heard from Mrs May’s Brussels interlocutors.

So if you fear that when it comes to politics, Schrodinger’s concept is a figment with a whiff of bad eggs, and that Theresa May is chugging inexorably towards the mother of all political crises, you might hear the great thinker’s elusive cat miaowing her agreement.


The Telegraph continues its descent into full-on Breitbart status


Two things in the news last night, this morning:

  • the leak of the impact reports, showing how bad this is going to be.

  • The Telegraph’s front page story (co-written by Nick Timothy) hammering an anti-semitic line and using far-right authoritian governments as a credible source.


seriously, don’t share this shit - it only pushes it up google rankings and turns it into algorithmic ‘truth’



Anyway, some links.

Two threads worth reading:

Also, re. the ‘secret plot’


Sorry, I’m sharing a reaction tweet rather than the article itself as such (though I know there’s a link to that too) so I thought that’s OK. Maybe it isn’t. Feel free to not click anyway!


I dunno - there’s a lot of weird arsed stuff floating around social media in the trail or wake of that article …it seems to be specifically engineered to be some kind of bot vector - sounds tin foil hat but this stuff is no-holds barred these days

you’ve probably read a lot of the Caroline Cadwalladr articles in the Observer - & -

I dunno, this particular Telegraph article is highly suspicious & highly unorthodox. I’m treating it like poison


Dan Hodges now saying that this is “good, solid journalism”.

Yes, THAT Dan Hodges.


This thread is a delight of him getting owned, over and over again:

Also, I love the quick punch from Lizzie Ammon:


Haha yeah and from seemingly everyone too. Maybe The Bad Hodges Tweet is the thing that unites us all in this age of POLARISATION.


He’s got a point, the England team do always win everything.


Maybe he means that we always play with the proper Corinthian spirit and don’t do all that foreign diving much that definitely only foreigners do, perverting the true spirit of football.


I think what people tend to forget is that, on average, most people who voted for Brexit probably are aware that we’re all going to be worse off, and that we’re going to face difficult times. At the same time, they don’t care that the economy is fucked because they have nothing to lose themselves.