Brexit Thread V - Only the Best Trade Deals


Most? Nah. Plenty of them sure, but not the majority.


They think they have nothing left to lose. They do, though. Still an awful lot further to fall.


And when they do it will still be the EU’s fault. And they’ll still vote Tory.


and this is the real crux of it. it will be the remainers’ fault. it will be the EU’s fault. it will emphatically not be jacob rees mogg and the mouthbreathing leave drones to blame, AT all


Well yeah. I think Brexit happening is a side-effect of the previous 6 years of Tory austerity. I guess that’s what happens when the government tries to get us out of the deficit too quickly, it’s just not sustainable because people are fucked off and end up wanting something (anything) different. Which makes me thinks there’s no way the public would’ve voted to for Brexit if there was a referendum under a Labour government, and that maybe public opinion on Brexit will change rapidly if Corbyn wins the next election.


it’s really hard to stand out as a complete fucking idiot right now with all the competition out there, and yet.


I kind of admire the commitment with which he pretends he has no idea how on earth anyone could think this is a terrible article.


Oh man, if I didn’t already think Dan Hodges was the absolute worst…


it’s like he actively spends time trying to figure out how to look even more stupid


Don’t forgot lots of comfortable middle class people voted brexit as well, mainly cos of the anti immigration/foreigner/EU sentiments from the press.




That’s a very generous reading of the coalition’s targeted austerity.


the way he wears glasses still irks me rather a lot


All they care about (whether they’re upper class, middle class or working class) is having less brown/black people around. And being angry all the time.


He thinks it makes him look like a super smart yet wry and ironic professor, because that’s how stupid he is.



I only realised that the Mail on Sunday was separate from The Daily Mail when The Mail on Sunday declared that they were backing a Remain vote!

What do we think about Anna Soubry warning that pro-EU Tories could vote with Labour MPs against the UK leaving both the single market and customs union?

Personally I’ve always been of the opinion that the UK will continue to trade within the single market as an EEA member state and will remain in the customs union. I just can’t see the commons voting to leave both institutions. The numbers just don’t stack up, especially now that the Tories have lost their majority.


The Mail on Sunday editor and Paul Dacre can’t stand each other, so the Mail on Sunday just constantly spites the Mail.

As for Soubry, she’s always been all talk and no action.


Tories will cling to power at all costs. They would never bring down their own Government deliberately. The Brexiteers know it. Soubry and co may wring their hands, but they will do nothing about things. Remain Tories could settle this tomorrow if they actually followed up on their threats. But ultimately, they’re Tories and will keep their noses in the trough because they’d rather rule over rubble than risk not ruling at all.


Except Ken Clarke, who will almost certainly vote against and yet for some reason still remain a Tory.