Brexit Thread V - Only the Best Trade Deals


You say that but she was one of eleven Tory MPs who voted in favour of Parliament being guaranteed a vote on the final Brexit deal, despite the government’s reluctance to do so.

The vote to leave both the single market and the customers union will not get through parliament. I’m calling it now.


(Yeah, I know Ian Dunt is insufferable)


going down the rabbit hole on ERG stuff rn


i wonder what the brexiteers are gonna come out with in their speeches this week

will they contradict each other? probably

will they claim we’ll have a magic border using technology that doesn’t exist? probably

will the EU come out straight after and say “you’re talking complete bollocks”? probably


Love the endless “Europe don’t seem to understand this is a negotiation of two parties.”

No, it isn’t. You want access. They provide access. You are not on equal terms.


Isn’t it technically a negotiation of 28 parties?


And that’s just the cabinet!

Boom! Boom!1


Well this is certainly one way to solve the farm labour shortage.


So supply and demand only works when there’s an excess of workers then?

What a prick


Of course. Our entire economy is based on the presumption that there needs to be a certain amount of unemployment for the good of the wider economy.


I meant in a have your cake and eat it way for the business owner. If your business model can’t attract workers at a rate that is profitable then you shouldn’t have a business

if you need more workers you increase the wage you’re offering.


No, no, no… that means inflation. Unemployment is very important to keep inflation down.

(I agree, obviously - if your economic model requires people to be unemployed for no other reason than to keep inflation down, then the model itself is fucked)




I’ve been waiting almost two years for a Brexiter to finally say it.



“i for one love cakes. i rest my case”


just kind of bizarre watching stuff like this pop up everyday, and then trying to relate that in my head to senior Tory politicians just making up what they like to think is true and dumb people cheering them on.

Like… how is this happening.


I can’t remember whether I’ve said this already in the thread, but it’s pretty clear that members of the Tory party, government and cabinet are not negotiating with the EU, but positioning for good domestic headlines.

The EU27 have had a coherent, unified stance for negotiations since a couple of months after the referendum, and have made it public. The UK cabinet don’t have this after nearly two years, and after giving themselves a self-imposed deadline they’re still no closer to doing so, plus they claim that making their negotiating position public will weaken their hand, which is bollocks.


The real irony about that statement is that almost every time they do say something in public about what they want, it’s inevitably yet another “red line” that does weaken their negotiating position.


Because they need us more than we need them Xylo. No-one else buys German cars, French cheese and wine, Spanish ham and Italian… er… lemons?


this brings visions of my friend who lived in russia for a couple of years and learned fast that ANYTHING from Europe was out of the question due to vast price hikes. lambrini for the price of good wine etc. good oh