Brexit Thread V - Only the Best Trade Deals


Because nobody wants to say that just because people vote for something, doesn’t mean it’s not bullshit.


Can I shock you? I like cakes.


“The problem with the U.K. is that they’re so clear on what they don’t want and then not clear on what they really want,”

this is the problem isn’t it, the brexit vote was won with “leave the EU”

now that clearly means that what won was “we don’t want the EU/single market/customs union” but there’s no clarity on what IS wanted

and there are no solutions being posed to the questions that such a desire brings up, especially the NI question

meanwhile brexit voters comment online with “just leave!” while everyone involved - even the hardcore brexiteer politicians - know that that is simply not possible no matter how much you want to leave

either the UK stays in the single market/customs union, or just NI does, in which case Scotland leaves the UK within 10 years i’d guess


But there was lots of ‘of course leave doesn’t mean leaving the single market!’ from leavers around the vote.


There’s something, particularly awful about the line of logic which suggests that the UK gov is keeping their cards close to their chest in not making their negotiating stance public.

It not only suggests that this is a valid tactic in a democracy but also that they’ve somehow already outmanoeuvred the EU who published theirs.


I’m not sure it does.

Some people voted against the EU dictating some of our laws and regulation (soverignty), but were happy with the single market.
Some people voted against uncontrolled immigration but weren’t fussed about the rest.
I doubt anyone voted against the customs union, because I doubt more than a tiny minority knew it was a thing until sometime last year.

This is the problem with the “yes/no” question - leaving the EU doesn’t have to mean any other organisation, but how do you decide which ones are “honouring the result”?


what i meant was that it clearly* meant leaving the EU and/or the single market and/or the customs union but not anything further than that

*actually the least clear thing ever

i guess my phrasing had … a lack of clarity


And of course loss of sovereignty and uncontrolled immigration are two things that didn’t happen as part of EU.


I always like when the media breathlessly informs us that the public (whether they be Remain or Leave) haven’t changed their minds on Brexit, as if they expect Remain voters to ever think this is now a splendid idea or expect old, racist wankers to stop being old, racist wankers


I’m pretty sure David Davis couldn’t even outmanoeuvre @he_2’s son in negotiations.


J drives a surprisingly hard bargain.


Mate, when olive oil doubles in price I’m going to be extremely pissed off.


nono we’ll be using cow oil now. it’s the oil made from/of straining cows.


it’s good that people like pancakes, really, because that’s what we’ll be eating daily etc etc


If only more people did AQOS, that’d sort them out.

‘There are no wrong answers’ indeed


Okay, there are some wrong answers, but they’re called out in advance and earn 0 points.


The difference in the level of transparency between the two ‘sides’ is huge and who is being kept in the dark by whom tells you right away who will be the ones to be fucked over at the end of this.


once i forgot to buy yorkshire pudding tins so instead i made pancakes with the batter and wrapped my chicken in them (not a euphemism) :ok_hand:


Been looking at WTO rules and the various government plans for brexit (close alignment with the EU Customs Union anyone??? anyone???)

oh boys are we in for a good few years


Can’t believe the Tories have sent Johnson out to make the case for a “liberal” Brexit to remainers. About the only two people worse they could have chosen are Gove and Farage. It’s a terrible speech given who it’s supposedly targeted at as well - nothing reassuring in there at all.