Brexit thread w/b 1st April (extra time volume 1)

I’m just going to assume that’s an April Fool’s thing.


6 million and 27 thousand or something have signed that petition to revoke Article 50 the government are supposed to be debating today. People are still signing it.

What sort of debate does that mean? The MPs just chat about it for a couple of minutes and that’s it or is there some requirement for meaningful engagement, which seems a bit unlikely given the government already said they’ll wipe their arses with it?

That one got me, barely distinguishable from genuine ideas we’ve seen (until someone thought Geldof was still popular enough for the role - laying it on a bit thick there)


I’d be genuinely stunned if it’s the latter

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fbpe people defending mussolini bcos owen jones dissed him and his granddaughter lol


Person A: Ha Ha Ha, wow, oh my days

Person B: refusing to ask what is so funny


Person B: still refusing to engage

Person A: Unbelievable Clive, you couldn’t make it up. HA HA HA

Person B: Fine, fine. What’s so funny?

Person A: oh it’s just a little thing called the fbpe people defending mussolini bcos owen jones dissed him and his granddaughter lol

Person B: You are the worst.

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Timetable for today

2:30 PM - prayers, followed by questions for the Home Secretary
3:30 PM - indicative votes debate
8:00 PM - voting
8:30 PM - results, followed by debates/votes on various bits of Brexit legislation
10 PM - debate on the Blaydon quarry landfill site: with Liz Twist

This reads like a partridge tv show idea


there’ll probably be an indicative vote about revoking A50 - maybe as a failsafe to avoid going past April 12th without a deal and allow the UK take part in Euro Parliament elections - similar to the Cherry Amendment last week

Motion G: Parliamentary supremacy

Proposer: Joanna Cherry, Scottish National Party

This option offers a series of steps to prevent the UK leaving the EU without a deal. First, it requires the government to seek an extension if a deal has not been agreed two days before the deadline for leaving.

If the EU does not agree to an extension, on the day before the UK was due to leave, MPs would be asked to choose between a no-deal Brexit or revoking Article 50 to stop Brexit altogether.

In the event of revoking Article 50, an inquiry would be held to find out what type of future relationship with the EU could command majority support in the UK and be acceptable to Brussels.

MPs previously voted against a proposal to cancel Brexit by Joanna Cherry, but have not considered this plan before.

that one lost by 99 votes last week (184 - 293) but if it was simplified a bit and after a debate it might do better though I doubt it would pass. And even if it did pass the Govt have already said they wont revoke :man_shrugging:t2: (which might, in itself, encourage a few extra votes as a f u to May/Govt)

Interesting but completely non-consequential fact; the number of petition signees is now more than the entire population of 12 of the EU27 countries. Take that Denmark!

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Ridiculous, isn’t it?

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entirely predictable tho, i guess. some dodgy undertones to the fbpe phenomenon anyway…

Indicative votes

The following amendments have been proposed. Note that Bercow may not select all of them for debate and voting

A) Unilateral right of exit from backstop
B) No deal in the absence of a Withdrawal Agreement
C) Customs Union
D) Common Market 2.0
E) Confirmatory public vote
F) Public vote to prevent no deal
G) Parliamentary Supremacy

Amendment G has, based on a series of parliamentary votes, the option to force the government to revoke Article 50.

re revoking A50

it seems to now be the favoured position of the public (just)


but yeah - will of the fucking gah

The view from Germany: Brexit is a big shitshow


I think you can ignore that first poll from the Times - it’s a self-selecting poll from their website that was being shared on twitter a fair bit.

I do think that it’s interesting how revoking Article 50 has become popular just as the likes of Tom Watson et al have thrown their weight behind a second referendum as a means of driving a wedge between the Labour party membership and leadership - once again they’ve been caught in the wrong position with the wrong timing.

they should switch the order of this one around tbh