Brexit Thread w/c 04/2

I don’t even really know what’s going on anymore, but I’m creating this thread so the one from last week doesn’t turn into a multi-thousand post hellhole in the unlikely event something worthy of discussion happens this week.

@moderators can you lock the old one thanks?

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Guys, Brexit is next month.




Wow only 8 more Brexit Threads to go! Inclusive of the one the week after Brexit where we just tie up a few loose ends and that.


Yeah, I’m looking forward to that one, nice to put a tidy end on the whole affair


Yeah me too. Will be nice to have it all done and dusted.


People who want a No Deal exit state the only way forward is to adopt a position that will ensure a No Deal exit

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hello. shared in the other thread but it’s closed: bored on the train and currently winding up james ball and oz katerji on twitter. oz keeps unblocking me to call me a racist stalinist assadist and then blocking me again. only tangentially related to brexit but i thought you should all know.

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Am I understanding this right:

They want no deal. So to prevent no deal - which they want - they’re endorsing a solution that a) relies on someone inventing new technology and proving it can work at scale in the next few weeks and b) the EU have said over and over again they’re not having because the UK Government are an untrustworthy, incompetent bunch of dicks who can’t be relied upon to not just change their minds at some point in the future.

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Sorry I got it closed when I started this whole new party of joy over here.

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“The last thing we want is a general election, the people will never forgive us for it,” Javid told The Andrew Marr Show on the BBC.

Just add it to the pile Saj.


It’s almost like they’re setting the Government up to fail and deliver exactly what they want

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As if the network’s not going to make them knock out a few more seasons of this.


Be up for some celeb cameos to revive interest in the face of flagging ratings

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Literally don’t understand why this backstop shite is such a bee in their bonnet. All these people who have never given a single shit about NI now having Big Opinions about their border. Fucking prannies


It’s the fear of perpetual no Brexit.

Vorderman in as Brexit secretary, as we “Countdown” to the 29th March.

Read this yesterday

Had to read this bit several times just to try to take it in.

Robert Joseph Lewis has spent more than 15 years in Spain. He is still working because his pension doesn’t stretch far enough, so further cuts would bite. At nearly 70, he expects to need medical help in future and can’t imagine trying to move back. “There’s nothing in the UK for us,” he said.

But Lewis is a firm supporter of Brexit, angry that the process has been dragging on for two years and frustrated with Theresa May. “She’s not the right woman for the job, a Remainer trying to drag us out, its crazy.”

Like many others in the region, he is convinced that Britons in Spain bring too much financially to the country – and save the NHS too much in care costs – to force pensioners like him home. “It doesn’t worry me, there’s a lot of scaremongering. Just a lot of ‘what ifs’. There’s no way they will throw us out.”


Is it reasonable to start buying lots of tinned and dried goods before prices rise / food riots

  • Yep
  • Hmmmm no

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My brother thinks seeds will be a good investment