Brexit Thread w/c 11/02



It’s here, your weekly Brexit thread! Come in and let me know why I should stop panicking (or reinforce my terror, whatever). Anyone who wants to chuck out a summary of what’s happening please feel free, I’m a bit busy soz.

Brexit Thread w/c 04/2
Brexit Cancelled (18/2)

Is this still going


Apparently yeah, but it’s a bit fucking BORING at this point. I mean, I suppose the boredom is preferable to the terror


Dunno what you mean pal, there’s some EXCORIATING passive aggressive question mark usage in Maybot’s letter to the Corbynator.


Haven’t read May’s letter, but apparently she’s written to Corbyn laughing in his face for coming up with the first Brexit idea that the EU actually were warm to.



Can we not just have a separate politics board, please?


Why has she signed her letter Ron L?


Meaningless Vote Round 2 this week, innit?


You dont have to click every thread. HTH


Ron L
L Ron

This is a Scientologist take over of the whole nation :grimacing:


Ron J, m8. Ron Jeremy is in charge now that a HARD Brexit looks possible.


Hasn’t this been delayed?


May made a concession on environmental and workers’ rights, discounting Corbyn’s idea of automatic alignment with EU standards but suggesting instead a Commons vote every time these change.

Great, can’t ever envision the Commons being against improving standards on those issues.


And I’m pretty sure they already voted against transferring EU law to UK law.


This whole letter schtick like emails weren’t invented is cringeworthy. Next they’ll be sending them via bloody owls :owl:

Bunch of hufflesniffs


Thought it was the 14th but actually I have no idea.


“Brexit has brought us to a great moment in our history. A moment when we must strengthen our global presence, enhance our lethality and increase our mass.”

Absolute prick.


There’s a debate on the 14th which will be meaningless vote 2.0.

I think the end of Feb talk is when the government are saying they’re aiming for meaningful vote 2.0


Oh, that gives us a whole month to sort it all out then. Don’t know what everyone’s worrying about then.