Brexit Thread w/c 11/02



fucking hell


Is he… is he a rat? Some kind of bear?


This has done me. As if we have a defence secretary who says we must enhance our lethality and increase our mass with a straight face. I’m now 100% convinced the last 2 years of politics have been an elaborate practical joke played on us by the political classes and the punchline can’t possibly live up to the set up. None of this is real.




Has Philip May been suggesting military manufacturing stocks to his investors


I know Brexit’s all about going back in time, but I’m not sure that the military are really going to have much need for these.



in tandem with the yanks we have lost 2 wars in the last 19 years, destroyed at least 3 countries, we’ve been overtaken and humiliated by the russians and iran’s proxies in another theatre, and we’re watching a hi-tech saudi army we equip and train slowly lose to a volunteer guerrilla force despite putting the entire country under the siege. now i’m reading that we’re kicking around the idea of sending warships into chinese waters as a show of strength. we are billions and billions of £££ in the red and we have nothing to show for any of this except a mountain of bodies.

this man is absurd, this country is insane.


that’s exactly why you have to enhance your lethality and increase your mass!


I like how Williamson has done his best to appease the gammons with lots of ‘kill all terrorists, Britain so tough, rargh!’ rhetoric and he still got mocked by The Sun a few months back. Our media would accuse Attila the Hun of being too soft


Loads of obese soldiers covered in knives


Gavin has been watching its always sunny?


Is there anything to be said for increasing our mass?


“There’s gonna be no jobs after brexit”

Taps head gif "no need for jobs if you conscript everyone "


If I was more of a cynic I’d suspect that he can see Britain sliding to the right after Brexit and militarization and generally shows of military strength have historically been popular when that’s been the case.


Wasn’t he mooting the idea of a military parade to mark B-Day?

Maybe I’m thinking of Trump.


stemming from a belief that future threats are more likely to come from well-resourced states rather than Islamist or other terrorist groups.

granted i follow this stuff as a pure amateur but that^ is 100% bullshit. they like to push this line that war is still 2 huge armies having stalingrad-sized battles because £££. but they know russia and iran are too smart to take western armies head on, and china would straight flatten whatever we sent at them if we weren’t prepared to use nukes. it’s all so grimy and cynical. like @wewerewerewolvesonce says this is playing to the hogs, and boosting BAE stock in the process.


i’m aware you probably know all this @mrmrongov i just needed to rant :wink:


Only up to season 7


surprisingly good takes from…jenkins!