Brexit Thread w/c 11/02




Clear double space before Northern Ireland on the third line there. Is there no end to the lack of respect that May has for those people?


Interesting story that. Went 96 days in the end and didn’t just resolve that family’s problems, but forced a wider change in government policy :+1:


It’s one of his (only?) redeeming features, he’s been saying the army’s a big waste of money for years now


Our armed forces were made to fight in conventional wars and cannot meet the real threats to modern Britain.

they like to push this line that war is still 2 huge armies having stalingrad-sized battles because £££. but they know russia and iran are too smart to take western armies head on

great minds, me and si :wink:



“…enhance our lethality and increase our mass, and secure our precious bodily fluids.”


‘Increase our mass’ huh…



I guess this goes here from the chat in the previous thread

fao @ghosthalo


This is a prime example of how credulous the media in this country are, especially if it means that they can stir up a row in Labour, and how willing the pro-PV PLPers are to use that to their advantage. There is no way that this happened. “There will be a People’s Vote” FFS, as if Starmer would sign off on phrasing so block-headed.

I’m also getting annoyed with the disingenuous use of stuff like “the revealed will of members.” It’s gone past the point where you could claim that it’s ignorance, and it’s deliberate mis-truths and lies now.


Anyway, here’s what’s actually happening today:


Drone squadrons :grinning:
Must be amazing being in the cabinet at the minute. You can say whatever you want


Britain increasing mass and lethality like




Grayling’s pulling a blinder at the moment - awards £12m to a ferry company with no ferries and no way of docking said ferries in the port that they’re planning to run them from. Cancels the contact a short while later and he still commands the PM’s “full confidence”. Madness!


The saj pretended a load of british nationals were criminals to get them booted out the country and still has a job

What a crazy, terrifying, depressing country


Just waiting for him to roll out the “training dolphins to act as deep sea spies” program :crossed_fingers:


Find Peston’s twit avatar deeply offensive.


He’s been holding his breath all 45 days, no wonder he’s red



On a related note

Some takeaways, the majority of food producers are stockpiling, most expect the lack of available skilled labour to hamper profitability and most expect the supermarkets to find trading harder this year.