Brexit Thread w/c 11/02



Sainsbury’s, Asda and McDonald’s were among those who warned stockpiling fresh food was impossible

:thinking: :wink:


Well they’ve never bought any so don’t know where to get it, seems fair.


On the plus side, there’ll be endless chemical coated fries for everyone.


Veeeery thinly sliced lettuce on the side


Better grab a few curries myself




Everyone’s favourite water industry-shilling Labour MP took a People’s Vote petition to Labour party HQ, but no one was there to pick it up, and they’ve been told to e-mail it through instead.


Isn’t the standard procedure that you deliver the petition direct to the petitionee, not that you ask them to come and meet you to take it away with them?


KFC braced to move up one place in the fast food fries stakes


I think you’ve forgotten how badly KFC deal with supply chain disruption




Good article by John Harris in The Guardian about Brexit and Britain’s attitude to Ireland:


what is going on


So she’s naked because Brexit will leave us ‘exposed’ economically?

It’s a bit Mr Chop isn’t it?


Wait. Brexit is bad?


She’s being doing this for a while now, doing public lectures and stuff.


on the one hand there is no reason to be naked for this, on the other i am not going to be smeared as a body shamer, therefore it is impossible to say if this is the stupidest new low we have yet reached.


Latest thoughts.
Theres no majority for a vote of no confidence
Theres no majority for a peoples vote
Theres no majority for general election
Theres no majority for no deal
Theres no majority for mays deal

Its gonna go to no deal v mays deal days before we leave. Will enough labour deny rhe whip to counteract the erg and dup?

If they do they split both parties and were in transition forever


Article 50 being extended and some hashed-up compromise based around May’s deal is what I’m expecting.

The number of MPs who think a no deal is anything other than insane is miniscule. It would take a disaster beyond what we’ve seen so far for that to happen. Not that I would rule that out, but it’s not as likely as some folk on here think.


She was also on the Today programme last week, which I am sure worked over the radio.