Brexit w/b 8th April (extra time v2, deal or no deal special)

Hey, we might crash out on Friday, right?

Have a fun week all


Could we have a summary of what fun and games are to be expected each day this week?

Moving from my current flat up to Manchester at the moment. Are there going to be riots for a fortnight from Friday? That’ll really make things awkward for doing stuff…

Expect the Government and the opposition to play an increasingly bizarre game of political chicken, with presumably a vote on whatever they come up.

Emergency EU summit on wednesay(?), presumably where they’ll just be laughing at us.

Zero chance. Why is anyone even entertaining this as a thing to be concerned about any more?


Dreamt that May’s deal got through cause everyone just gave up and was shit scared of ‘no deal’. Remember feeling pretty pissed off in my dream.

imagine thinking we’re still at the “poised to…” stage of fascism

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You just know Dominic Raab’s read that and has just rocked back in his chair and gone “yep, it’s my time”.

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One day at a time

This is going to be an action-packed week, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Your schedule for today is as follows.

  • all day: government/Labour talks
  • 10 AM: EU foreign ministers meet in Luxembourg
  • 11 AM: update from 10 Downing Street
  • 3 PM: the House of Lords to debate and vote on the Yvette Cooper bill (3rd and final reading)
  • 3:30 PM: the EU’s Michel Barnier meets Ireland’s Leo Varadkar
  • 5:30 PM: Jeremy Corbyn meets Sinn Fein.
  • before 10 PM: the Commons to debate the Yvette Cooper bill again, depending on how it goes in the Lords

I can see this playing extremely well for him in the press.


thanks for doing these


Whilst May does all she can to push through her deal at this time of national crisis, Corbyn has tea with terrorists


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One of my favourite ‘Jeremy Corbyn Meets…’ episodes, that


Is Corbs hoping that Sinn Fein suddenly rock up at Parliament to save Brexit like the Knights of the Vale at the Battle of the Bastards?


I’m off to Holland on Saturday and if we no-deal on Friday I’ll need an International Driving Permit. So far I’ve refused to get one because I refuse to believe we could be that stupid as a nation (despite all available evidence to the contrary). However, if I’m wrong I will have ruined the family holiday. Do I:

  • Abandon my principled stand of having faith in my countrymen not to do anything stupid and get the IDP, thereby potentially jinxing the Brexit process and directly causing a no-deal exit on Friday
  • Stand firm, everything will be okay buuut there is a small chance I’ll end up stranded in Folkstone having destroyed the McAwesome family’s long-awaited trip to Centerparcs

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So am I. Not driving though.


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Wonder how much Chaos with Ed Milliband would have cost?