Brexit w/c 11 March - Shat Myself on Purpose Guys

Here it is people. Politically the past 2 years might as well not have happened - it’s the grimly predictable week we’ve all been waiting for/dreading. How will the U.K manage to embarrass itself even more spectacularly than it already has?

Also imagine being paid to write this

apart from the Vince Cable bit, which is obviously spot on

What time is the meaningful vote gonna change to a means nothing vote?

The moment it’s lost?

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When is Schroedinger’s vote happening?

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That’s a terrible article. Unsurprisingly, it looks like the media are getting away scot free.

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Anyone think she’s just going to try to postpone the vote again?


The worst thing about it is that the author doesn’t know what “fulsome” means.

Three biggies this week in the House of Commons:

  • Tuesday: vote on the current proposed Withdrawal Agreement
  • Wednesday: vote on leaving the EU without a deal
  • Thursday*: vote on extending Article 50

*) there are suggestions that this vote will be moved to Wednesday.

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Rumour is she’s considering it as they’re expecting another 100+ vote defeat.

And if she does then what happens?

Best of three?


Not saying that she loses. I’m saying she avoids the vote. What happens then?

[and in any case best of three doesn’t get you far if you’ve already lost two]

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If she loses I think we attempt to extend article 50. The rabid wing of the Tory party have said if that happens they’ll do everything they can to oust May. So there’s a chance we’ll end up with a temporary extension and no Prime Minister. If that isn’t goo feasting time I don’t know what is.


It’s the third-last Monday of being in the EU, guys. Obviously disappointed to be leaving, but we’ve got two and a half years of solid preparation behind us, so it should all definitely be fine.


Again I wasn’t asking about what happens if she loses the vote.




Sorry I didn’t see your post before hitting reply

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TIG vote for her in a VONC.

Just noticed something that I’d not thought about before. The DUP deal with the tories expires in June. There’s another little complication to iron out in all this.