Brexit w/c 11 March - Shat Myself on Purpose Guys


(thought of that one all by myself)


de feeted him (cut his feet off… with her own feet)


took hours


Grumpy - Javid
Happy - Hunt (smug prick)
Sleepy - Hammond
Sneezy - Maybot
Dopey - Grayling
Doc - I dunno… Baroness Evans of Bowes?


Totally support and endorse your new avatar :+1:




Rudd “bashful”

made me giggle. I think I might be losing it.



you can thank @japes for that one


still can’t remember the difference between a taco and a burrito or which one I’ve eaten but I’ve had the soft one and liked it


Not got there yet, still pondering the first one:

I mean he’s right on the whipping to trigger A50 part so, yeah, if you think that was politically and symbolically unpalatable then ok that’s fine. But… it would’ve passed even if Corbyn had whipped against right? All the Tories bar Ken Clarke voted for it and there would’ve been a dozen Labour rebels minimum.


burrito - always soft: quite big
taco - sometimes soft, sometimes hard. Quite small.


how small are we talking?

Size of a Sparrow or a Walnut?




Love these as your reference points :grinning:




both small but different!


middle aged sparrow eating a walnut


10 points ahead!



  • H will fail
  • I very close call, might pass
  • E will fail
  • J will fail
  • main motion will pass