Brexit w/c 11 March - Shat Myself on Purpose Guys


I’m enjoying the leak from cabinet about May’s complaints that there’s too much leaking from cabinet meeting going on.


The inverted commas around ‘unifying’ makes it sound really filthy.




The Lib Dems ran on a platform to revoke brexit and look at them no…oh wait.


Eurgh fucking hell Stephen Barclay just talked about the “envoys of the elite”.


That’s definitely not her hand.



the people’s vote/ofoc astro jobs are really showing their arses the last 24 hours aren’t they. i will say at least koch ops are vaguely convincing at a glance.


in a roundabout way femi here is saying that they all shat themselves on purpose so we shouldn’t blame them lol

  • 2nd referendum
  • Tory option

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N.B. This is what you would like, not what you think will happen


Wollaston’s motion’s unsurprisingly fallen.


lot of people using the phrase ‘showing their arses’ lately.



their arses have fallen out


Genuinely think a second referendum would be exceptionally divisive and not particularly helpful. Either a general election or a Citizens Assembly like this one:


Amendment H rejected 85 to 334: no second referendum (for now).


i have no idea what is going on, i’ve been following stuff about venezuela and rojava. people are mad because there is nobody in the aye lobby apparently. are they right to be mad.


Corby Corbs whipped labour mps to abstain.



the lobby isn’t going to aye itself buddy


are they right to be mad.

Not really, no.