Brexit w/c 11 March - Shat Myself on Purpose Guys


Sarah Wibblewobblestone: shat herself on purpose


another day volunteering in the aye lobby. everyone keeps asking me if they can aye the lobby. buddy, they wont even let me aye it


Think I might be having a moment.


who is sraeming VOTE AYE at me, show yrself coward, i will never vote aye


Quite like Bercow’s tie today.


This house moves that @ghosthalo is the best, smartest and most amazing individual ever to be seen on


tig amendment failed 85 to 334


Why don’t peoples vote people want a second vote?


they’re waiting for kyle/wilson


That’s really the best video he’s got, is it? He’s trying to convince yer man that Nissan will likely close their factory in Sunderland and… he just goes “nah, we’ll be alright”.

If only Corbyn had done more outreach like that!



May is gonna be PM until 2021 isn’t she :frowning:


Poor Sarah Wollaston. First she gets landed with the non job of TIG new colleague ambassador/responsible for making sure the group biscuit cupboard is kept diverse and plentiful, and now her amendment gets tanked

Should just go back to being a gp


Dunno. Corbyn?


You think she’ll get outed that soon?


2031 more likely


Some of us campaigned before campaigning was even a word! Shouting, we called it, and it was tough and ineffective but we didn’t care, because it was RIGHT.


She’s going to be stuck in the never ending purgatory of no votes to everything for the rest of her living days, the Tories afraid to oust her for fear that they’ll be made accountable for having to make a decision.


can somebody link me to something some idiot said on twitter?

Really in the mood for some scorn.


BBC Parliament is great.