Brexit w/c 11 March - Shat Myself on Purpose Guys



warming up, but need something more stupid.

Want to build up a frothing anger




fucking Ed Balls is a twat!



hur hur my funny name.

Piss off


next up is the xylo amendment

Line 4, leave out from “article 50 (3)” to end and add: “to affirm morning jacuzzi use as a good and true thing, despite the poison, sour proclamations of other users of Drowned in Sound;

2. orders accordingly that those denying said truth can ‘eat pant’ before midnight tonight.


And wow that’s passed by a landslide, real history being made


what the fuck


what was this one?


i know those jacuzzi doubters are fucked!!


i’m really confused at who voted for which amendment to what motions


when’s the amendment to make everything good? :frowning:







never going to abandon baths like that


The Powell amendment to amendment I has been very narrowly defeated 311-314.

This probably will mean amendment I (indicative votes next week on what a feasible alternative to May’s deal could be) is dead on the water too.


Wait a minute!

Checks order paper

This wasn’t up for debate today!



ah, the people’s vote say “now is not the right time”. but there is only 2 weeks until B-day so what are they on about. suspicious!