Brexit w/c 11 March - Shat Myself on Purpose Guys


Basically it’s the wrong amendment as far as they’re concerned.


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Jacuzzi is spelt wrong


Numbers definitely suggest that tieing a second referendum caveat to approval of a deal seems to be the only way it could actually pass. 18 Labour votes against it even though the whip was to abstain.



“I went to the House of Commons today. I did a business.”


Amendment I defeated by 312 to 314.No indicative votes next week.


so for me and @Bamnan can anyone tell us what, if anything, has changed



That’s utterly insane. How on earth does anyone expect to come to a consensus.


So far nothing, but the main motion will likely pass tonight. If that’s the case, then

  • Article 50 will be extended* until 30 June if May’s deal finally gets approved; or
  • Article 50 will be extended* for two years if May’s deal fails again next week

I’m going to the pub and the football now. Behave yourself tonight.

*) subject to unanimous EU27 agreement


These votes are alarmingly close. I’ve fully not considered what they’re voting for in each amendment, I’m just here to say they’re close.


Fucking hell, what a mess

Bring back the Malthouse plan, at least we could all comprehend and be united by its dumbassness


All of which will make Primavera a little less costly/risky, so, that’s something at least.


I was thinking this last night when we were all joshing around while we were in principle minutes from them rubber-stamping no deal.


I understand this far better than what’s happening in the hoc


I took my eye off the news for half an hour and I’ve missed about 74 amendments. What’s going on?


Voted against every option so far, now voting on the actual extension itself.


Does that mean that Big JB gets the final say on a third meaningful vote?


Fuck off Ruth Smeeth


LOVE it when you have a livestream on in the background of another tab and it’s all chuntering away and you sort of switch off and then out of nowhere Bercow storms back in


sorry i know serious stuff is happening but I am glad at the amount of bercow i’ve got to see recently.