Brexit w/c 11 March - Shat Myself on Purpose Guys


“Another bottle of wine? All in favour of say aye! All opposed say nay! DIVISION!!!”


Which idiot shouted nay?!


He probably got out a bag of coke after dinner…


I wonder if the South Africans can report back on the implications of today’s vote for their TheresaMoon?


Are any of them still here?


There’s a few. I saw @Rarity and @xcheopis yesterday, possibly one or two others.


Bercow x2


Oh are they South Africans? How come we’ve had an influx?


No. Think he was posting for at least a few months before the South Africans arrived.


@Epimer did some detective work
Jim Waterson posted about DiS
Scene missing
Our bizzaro equals from the Something Awful forum turned up.




holy shit! That’s how that phrase is spelt! WOAH


Not quite so many letters, usually


never thought about it before thought it might have been auderves


@Tesseraction is about sometimes about. Be interested to see if Theresamoon has about lost about its voice or not…


don’t really even know what they are I’m so cool


Just small versions of ordinarily larger foods.


I think the Theresa Moon was discontinued. Maybe? I haven’t seen it the past few days.


oh that sounds fun


I’m in equal measures disappointed and relieved.