Brexit w/c 11 March - Shat Myself on Purpose Guys


i have never received the due credit for alerting jim waterson and therefore SA about DiS and i am not fucking having it anymore. :bird::bird::bird:

the middle finger emoji isn’t loading and i don’t know what the code is for it



Are any of the South Africans still about?


e.g. tiny pie and mash


I didn’t like the thing and it seemed a silly gimmick.




Just checked the status of this.

Shat his pants.


I know zombie May just keeps on keeping on but surely, SURELY this is the end for her?


Grayling accidentally blowing up his own dumb exercise Wouldve been the most grayling thing ever



She won’t stop until her Brexit Deal is either passed or completely killed. She’s at nearly rock bottom at the moment but knows if she can somehow get it through that this will just be remembered as the “at her lowest moments she showed remarkable courage and grit” moment in the sycophantic retrospective films, etc.


Sources said the prime minister’s anger at cabinet was not reserved for her rebellious ministers, however, scolding her entire cabinet for the scale of leaks from the cabinet, suggesting some ministers were self-serving and concerned only with their leadership prospects.

One cabinet source described the atmosphere as “difficult and uncomfortable”



Is it not the case that even the most dense tories don’t fancy picking up the baton and leading now?

And the slightly cannier operators (gove, Johnson, rudd, javed, whoever) don’t want to put some dope like leadsom in charge for a few months until an election is called, then take the reins themselves, as by then the party would be so weak they wouldn’t stand a chance of getting a majority.

So stick with May for another 6-12 months, then boot her out when election is called, sweep in with a whole new (fascist) message and ‘that whole last few years, nothing to do with me that was, honest!’

Idk tbh, just trying to rationalise it but obviously predicting anything at the mk is fucking stupid.


Meaningful Vote 3

  • Passes - Theresa May is voted Number 3 in a list of Greatest Ever Britons in 2050
  • Fails - But eventually passes and above scenario still occurs
  • Fails - and is never passed. May is correctly remembered as worst Prime Minister in modern history

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Caveat: in 2050 only 3 Brits exist to vote, TM, BORIS and Grayling

All vote for themselves, she comes third alphabetically


C’mon, there’s absolutely no way Grayling wouldn’t vote for one of the others by accident.


Very true :'D


Still think Cameron is the worst prime minister of all time. Spineless pig-fucking Plasticine-faced smug prick.


Horrible fucker but Thatcher was worse.


Cameron is almost entirely responsible for the state of the country right now. He called an election for something he was against with no plan that’ll have a massive impact on the country. It also made half the country hate the other half, is threatening to tear the UK apart with Scotland and Ireland being dragged in the dirt with England, and made everyone poorer by weakening our currency.


I sort of have Thatcher and Cameron on equal footing for being horrible, but with Cameron in the lead for buying an election victory with a referendum promise he should never have made, and then skulking off to leave others to clear up his mess.

Appreciate that pound-for-pound Thatcher may have caused more damage though