Brexit w/c 11 March - Shat Myself on Purpose Guys




Had this in my head for 3 solid days now


My edits gradually got more rageful


Cable’s announced his resignation, albeit in advance


Don’t think I’ve ever shat myself as an adult


It’s really tough to understand what the hell’s going on when most of it is happening while I’m in bed so I’m fully with you on this and now I understand some of the griping I’ve seen on my FB feed.


who’s all putting themselves forward to be an MEP then?

  • yep me vote for me please I’ll be great
  • cba

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Genuinely considering it lol


Have you ever shat yourself (as an adult)?

  • Yes
  • No

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What is HIEJ on the Myers-Briggs personality types, btw? Fully psychotic?


Ughhh why did you have to go and @ me in the Brexit thread? I was happy ignoring its existence.

TheresaMoon is in a constant state of being within 1-3 days of collapsing, so it’s a pretty great representation of May actually.


Apologies and thanks for the update. I’ll let you get back to the wrassling thread now :slight_smile:


i keep forgetting he’s the leader


not fully


Didn’t realise I couldn’t vote in my own poll. My answer is yes, the most memorable of which was on my honeymoon


(bad water)


surely you either do or don’t? A half shit is still a shit


You can


I can’t see how


ok done