Brexit w/c 11 March - Shat Myself on Purpose Guys


a few concerningly damp farts but never a full on shitfest


Bit like a Sagittarius


genuinely the easiest way to earn loads of money I’ve ever seen

you get thousands of pounds in expenses every month and dont have to show receipts or even account for it, on top of a huge salary, first class Eurostar, nice hotels, a chauffeur service etc.


You are Chris Grayling and I claim my £5.


I had to click “hide results” before the vote button stopped being greyed out. didn’t think that was obvious…


i’ve never done one of those secretive polls so no idea tbh. i promote open transparency.


remembering the MEPs scurrying to get on the news after the attacks on the Brussels metro and airport, and one of them highlighting that his chauffeur driven limousine had driven him by that metro station just moments before


the UKIP MEPs must be so happy Theresa May might get an Article 50 extension


gonna be huey the kingfish long of the EP


I have no idea what you’re on about.


woah, got the hang of these polls. How do you think the EU will respond?

  • Fuck you all, no extension granted
  • Yeah whatever, small technical extension granted
  • Change your minds please, long extension granted

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Presumably all you that think a small technical extension will happen also think Mays deal will get through next week?


The Mail just not bothering with a Brexit front page huh

And the Express is just stamping its feet


I’m a campaigner though…so that’s good


lovely stuff

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Weird, I took too many painkillers by accident the other night and was hallucinating, I thought Vince Cable was sitting on a chair in the corner of my room. I had to check with my boyfriend if he was really there or not.

I think he was tbh.


It’s quite plausible to be honest - would explain why he’s been more or less invisible for quite some time now.