Brexit w/c 11 March - Shat Myself on Purpose Guys


hahahaha. Not been in one since I became aware of his shite

  • I have been boycotting Wetherspoons
  • I have not been boycotting Wetherspoons
  • I never, ever used to go anyway

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these painkillers sound quite strong, what were they


not even on wetherspoons m9


Feel a bit weird about Dyson Airblades as well tbh, seriously think they’re harvesting DNA to genetically micro-target Facebook ads to people with hypertension


Not sure if I can say on a public forum


The strongest painkiller of them all…


Annoyingly I missed all of Wednesday evening’s Brexit episode, and have struggled to catch up since. Fuck me it is confusing if you miss a bit.




The bit I don’t really get with Spoons stance is that the restaurant and bar sector is having a torrid time, and they will be suffering for the same reasons (as shown by this news). So it doesn’t really make sense that he is pro-Brexit as that exacerbates many of those problems.

So why so pro leave? Is it a bigger strategy to appeal to their standard customer? If so, that is odd too, as there are loads of lefty bells (“couple in Spoons before Death Cab Ollie?”), and middle class North Face clad twat dads, who love Spoons (“they keep the bitter well”) that are immediately alienated. But then maybe that group is tiny compared to your standard “I say just leave, and worry about it later” crowd, who ironically, seem incapable of leaving a Spoons.


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I’ll be honest, I’m confused on this too.


Think Tim Martin just really loves Brexit. Don’t even think he’s bothered if it hits him financially, he’s king gammon


I’ve not been actively avoiding it, but have been going much less and making grumbling noises whenever it’s suggested.


I thought I’d been boycotting but just remembered I was briefly in the Balham one a couple of months ago as I had a half hour wait for a train. I had a pint of Bombardier and read some of his daft propaganda, I think some rugby had just finished as well. By the time I left, my jeans had bootcutted themselves.


He thinks leaving the EU will cut his costs.


Post Can’t Be Empty


No he does not. If he has said that he is pissing about.


Have you considered the possibility he’s really thick?


He’s just a gammon with a business.


Too easy and of course he isn’t. Us remain-cocks desperately need to learn smug ain’t working.


T’resa trying to win DUP over by discussing Stormont’s potential involvement if the backstop should ever come into effect.

Cannot see how that would ever be a problem.