Brexit w/c 18 march 2019

Meaningful vote 3 - teresa may and the last crusade

Anyone still watching?


what’s actually happening? is vote 3 confirmed? when do the EU get back to us about a delay?

I think Parliament has to vote on what kind of a delay it wants first

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Just got finished catching up on the last thread after about 2 weeks of ignoring everything as much as possible. Where we at now? Has Theresa bunged the gaybashers another billion quid yet?

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She’s banking on the 3rd vote passing because the ERG and other Brexiteers can’t risk it not passing and us getting no Brexit

Looking forward to this being delayed and the existential terror never stopping


See you on June 30th :sleeping:
/Billy Joe

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Keep misreading the title of these threads as ‘brexit c/w’ which seems very appropriate

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People chatting on the Today programme reckon MV3 is being delayed until next week. As long as it doesn’t appear that this is the absolute crunch vote, the less likely everyone is to fall in line and back it. And there’s already whispers there could be another vote next week…

Please. Please no.

xylo pls

Spoke to my dad last night. He’s what I guess I’d describe as a small c Conservative, thinks the Tories are good for business but broadly centrist, sure he was okay for a bit with Blair back in the day, stopped buying the Mail on Saturday a few years back because he accepted it was properly lunatic.

Anyway, he said that he was almost in tears when we voted out (had no idea he’d cared so much).

He also said that’s he now at the point where he thinks leaving with no deal is probably the best and simplest thing to do.

In short: :man_shrugging:


The Dáil essential cranks up the voting.

… would be the perfect joke if this was all happening in the Irish parliament


This is definitely the result of being ground down by Parliament being utter shit about it, I think. That’s what it feels like to me.

Loads of small c conservatives and even big C ones didn’t want Brexit I guess.

Theresa May’s deal has been voted down twice. Currently heading for a ‘no deal’ Brexit, unless an extension to Article 50 can be agreed with the EU

Government is in talks with the DUP.


The government will only table the vote if it is confident that it’ll win. And that depends on the DUP changing their mind.

Philip Hammond is heavily involved in the negotiations with the DUP. He is in charge of the money. Go figure.

There is an EU summit this Thursday and Friday. Theresa May will have to tell them at the summit what the UK wants in terms of extending Article 50, so they can say yes or no.


Yeah, I’m not sure he still views them that way tbh. And he’s had so many interactions with the worst examples of Tory government (trying to negotiate all the benefits and stuff for my disabled brother for example, watching my wife and I deal with immigration issues) that I think he understands how malignant they can be.

But, still, couldn’t vote for Corbyn, obviously.

Som Wardner and the Meaningful Votes


Yes, I think the grinding down thing is key. I think there’s a real swathe of people who feel like that - whether they voted remain, leave, or didn’t vote, they just want it done with, regardless of outcome.


If only!

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Sorry guys, we’ve had to delay this because we didn’t realise that you have to print ballot papers. It’s a complex process - we spoke to some printers and it could take a little while. We’ll let you know when we hear back from them.