Brian Cant RIP

A stalwart of children’s TV when I was growing up in the 80s. So many of the children’s shows had him presenting. Seemed like a great bloke. RIP.

Oh man, massive part of my childhood.

Playschool, camberwick green, Chigley, bric-a-brac… .



Bona fide legend

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Huge part of my childhood, and my student days too:


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Jesus Christ NV, almost greetin over here

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Got our two year old a DVD of Camberwick Green, mainly for me to watch to be honest, and she bloody loves it. The voice of Brian Cant always takes me back to being a kid and eating my lunch using our hideous foot stools as a table.

Definite 80s rose tinted glasses nostalgia here but programmes with Brian Cant and Tony Hart were simple but lovely programme making. On the face of it perhaps nothing special for the sceptic. But they both were so enthusiastic and came over brilliantly kind and caring. Testament to both that when you think fondly of TV shows after school growing up, you think of programmes featuring both.


That is very sad since i was born in 90 era. I love almost of his program since all of them are fun to watch.

That music always used to get me anyway, no way am I watching that video.


There are some things that push the nostalgia needle up to 11… and this does it for me.
45 years on.