Brian Conley

He’s in Eastenders now.


Not dead


Wonder how he’ll adapt his catchphrase?

It’s a market!


Very nice place. Went there on my best school trip ever.

I dont know enough about eastenders to find more words that sound like puppet. Does someone have a puppy?

Pointing at Phil Mitchell

It’s a Muppet


I assume Wellard is still knocking about

Wellard was put down in 2008.

Surely a puppet is cockney rhyming slang for something?

Thought he’d been in it for years

  • seen him in a panto
  • haven’t

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saw him on bbc breakfast this morning, he’s looking well. had a lovely picture of a scottie dog behind him

He’s Sonia’s dad!

The pop star?

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Not in a panto, but we did see his live show on a family holiday to Weymouth when I was a kid.

He was really funny, as was the (then unknown) support, Joe Pasquale.

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For some reason this exchange has absolutely done me

:white_check_mark: showed him where the expensive honey was in Saino’s when he was doing panto in Manchester

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“where’s the honey, sugar?”

funny and nice


Loved his stuff growing up - The Big Yin :+1:

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Vile, skip to 2.30