Have any of you ever played or tried to play bridge before in your entire lives?

  • I have
  • I haven’t

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Used to play when I was in 6th form at school. Money occasionally changed hands…

how many times Noahvale?

Read a few articles about it that suggested it’s a bit ridiculous for competitive play, but basically fine for passing the time until the sweet release of death.

oh good good. ever played online?

  • A front for swingers
  • Hey my parents play bridge!

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Pretty much every weekday for 18 months

how’d you mean?


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No. Not played for years.

3 no trumps


Hit the wrong button, meant “haven’t”

The impossibility of properly policing the extent to which players communicate with their partner. Being allowed to communicate some information but not other stuff is kind of fundamentally flawed for a really serious competitive game.

backgammon though…what a game!


King me

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oh right yeah. this is true. is a gentleman’s/gentlewoman’s game for sure.

Everyone I’ve ever spoken to about it swears blind that NO-ONE cheats :smiley:

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good thing about backgammon is it’s actually loads of different games :thumbsup:

Dad tried to teach me once, but it seemed very complex, and also based around working with a partner which made it even more complex especially when someone knew what they were doing and someone didn’t.

In the future, instead of old people sat around playing bridge, do you we as old people will be sat around playing the PS24 or whatever console they’ll have then?