Surprised there isn’t a Bridgerton thread already, so might as well make one to lead into Season 3 in May.

I’ve started watching it recently since my wife has watched it multiple times, and so I thought I’d see what it’s about. Would have watched sooner, but an ex of mine was SO into period dramas that I ended up watching a ton of those old BBC ones, to try and share the interest, but it had the opposite effect on me. I couldn’t stand this glorification of romantic standards from a bygone age which was the way things were at the time these things were written, but just abhorrent seeing them romanticised in modern times. Go fuck yourself Mr Darcy.

Despite this, I enjoyed season one of Bridgerton a lot, and I look forward to watching the next season too. Sure it heavily depended on the TV trope where if two of the characters just actually said the things they were thinking, the whole plot wouldn’t exist, but nonetheless I was properly hooked in.

  • I’ve watched all of the existing episodes
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  • I’ve never watched Bridgerton
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Its Sally Websters daughter

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This about one of boygenius?

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Poll needs to be multiple so we can let you know we haven’t watched and we hate it.

I seriously loved season one but it also helped that the duke is so hot. I started season 2 but I couldn’t quite get into it as the brother is not so hot to me. I will have to try again as I did really enjoy it and the 3rd season is about the other brother and I think he’s had somewhat of a glow up.

First season was sexy as hell but my parents watched it and wanted to talk about it and my mum was all “ooh what about the bit on the stairs” ok mum


Can we talk about how fucked up season 2 was?!

Encouraging your sister to marry a man you have obvious and increasing sexual tension with just made no sense and is horrible and I just couldn’t get behind the characters cos of it. I can’t stand love triangles involving siblings anyway but this was ridiculous. I know it’s the olden days but the sisters supposedly had a close relationship and she couldn’t just be honest with her and tell her they needed to find another duke?! The stakes were all so contrived too, it wasn’t like the younger sister had organic and strong romantic feelings for him, she was being pressured into making something happen from the start. There are other dukes!!!

I was expecting it to be really hot cos I’d seen loads of stuff about how female gazey it was but all I could think was how could you do this to your sister?! TALK TO YOUR FUCKING SISTER


Really looking forward to season 3, mainly cos it’s my girls time to shine :sparkles:



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Anyone watched season 3 yet?

Saw a bit of the series with the lady with big hair

Loathe period dramas but my partner loves them so might end up seeing this new one

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Not yet but I will

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There is a very strange quality to the dialogue in the few episodes I have seen of the new season. I can’t really put it in words

Watched the first three of Season 3 but we’re stopping till the rest go up because the fourth episode is said to end on a cliffhanger and Miss Y cannot handle that.

Good stuff, no notes, it’s Bridgerton - stupid as fuck but ever so well done.

it’s back

“who needs fresh air when there is fresh gossip” is my life philosophy


Not enjoyed it so far, it’s properly settled into its own self-created tropes, feeling more formulaic then ever. Hoping it can pull something exciting out of the bag later in the season (3 episodes left), but not got high hopes.

On the other hand I’ve started on Queen Charlotte, and that’s actually really good.