Bridges to nowhere


any more?


they recently fixed the glasgow bridge to nowhere, pity




came here to post that


wipes single tear from eye


The first one looks like it goes somewhere, to be honest.


Also, you’re stealing my fucking thread, you bastard


yeah, well: it doesn’t. please don’t question me like that in my own thread.



There’s this beauty between China and North Korea.




Old railway lines are cool aren’t they? I like that the Overground reclaimed so much of that.


that’s the stuff



Is it a nature reserve now like Parkland Walk here in London? Looks like you can maybe get into it from a park at the bottom going from your overhead map.



I don’t think so. Think I’ve seen it mentioned before that they plan on getting it back into use as a railway line at some point.

There is a former railway line that’s now a walkway in Harborne though. Might do a walk along it next weekend actually.


Ah yeah, that’s the sort of thing.

Yes, makes more sense to keep it protected if they want to use it for a railway in the future.


Once, as part of a university history project, we had to design a new war memorial. I came up with the Hyde Park Misery Bridge. It’s a huge concrete ramp with huge concrete ramparts and it goes nowhere - yet to walk to the end is a long uphill slog. This makes an important point.