Bridgid Mae Power - The Two Worlds [For fans of dusky dreamy folk with tons of atmosphere]

Never heard of her before but gave her album a go on the back of glowing reviews and I’m floored by how beautiful it sounds. Thought I should start a thread because I don’t want people to sleep on it, stunning album.

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This is right up my street. Great recommendation, and why I love this forum!

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She’s on tour in the UK next month as well.

Everyone should listen to her. Amazing woman, amazing songwriter.

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I will be, in the intimate surroundings of Servants Jazz Quarters.

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Just realised I have this lovely photo of Brigid hanging on my wall.


I was listening to the album on my way home this morning after a shit night shift at work. Lovely morning soothing music. I got my ticket too for SJQ. I do like that venue.

See you there then.
Agree on the venue - I saw Songhoy Blues there just before they got really big and it was great fun. The singer is a quality frontman.

Car Seat Headrest was a band that suddenly became massive who I saw there. I work nearby and so I like gigs at The SJQ and The Shacklewell.

It’s great album. Almost looking forward to cleaning my flat tomorrow whilst I listen the album.

had been meaning to check her out. this is a very good album indeed.

‘Let Me Go Now’ is such a beautiful closing song. Going to be an AOTY for me.


Her first album also put out by Tompkins Square kinda floated by me without much note for some reason, but this new record is absolutely beautiful. I have this sucker on repeat this last month.

Echo the other views in this thread, really atmospheric, thanks @Kallgeese for starting the thread. Along with Loma, this is making a good start to the year.

Not me! Thanks to @anon73286315!

(My housemate is now her tour manager, which is very exciting.)

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Sorry @anon73286315! (And thanks!)

Well colour me interested! Too many trustworthy folks talking sugar here for me to ignore.

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Brigid Sea Power

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woah they even both have a song called Down on the Ground

This is just such a good album for this time of year, the sparse piano accompaniment on “Is my presence…” couldn’t be better suited to sitting in a cold office surrounded by snow. Just wonderful.

Very cool, hope it raises her profile