Brighton and Hove

Do you get the sound of the waves lapping against the shore on a boring sandy beach? Nope!

Pfft. Hipster shithole for cunts - avoid…

I’m kidding obviously - we were there two weeks ago and it was a glorious Winter’s day. View from the pier…

Would recommend our day out with small children – playground in Preston Park, vegan doner at What The Pitta, 2p machines and doughnuts on the pier, up to Devil’s Dyke for sunset


In town, had a lovely couple of hours down at the seafront and now in The Walrus, which is pretty much above my accommodation.

Bit of a long shot here, is there a good place to get some Gents accessories? Bracelets / rings / necklaces etc.

Sorry to be late, but have a wander down Kensington Gardens in the daytime, plenty of shops and stalls. Snooper’s Paradise also worth having a look in

Ah, smashing! Thanks, I’ll take a wander tomorrow :+1:

Welcome to the boards!

:new world record safety wink:

Anyway. If you’re into this kind of music this looks ace

Any recommendations on what to do on a day trip with my parents?

How well do you/they know the city? I’d just say wander down North Laine, south lanes, along the seafront, down the pier, (check out the burnt down pier too), go by the Royal Pavilion and gardens (go inside the RP if youre interested in history/architecture, kind of in the midpoint between a castle and a party mansion, fun to have a look inside. A lot of tourists think its Islamic but its actually a complete bastardisation of mixed architectural elements.)

Then solicit good lunch and pub options from DiS and with a bit of sunshine, thats a lovely day out.

If youre a bit more into less hustle and bustle more scenic views id recommend the undercliff walk to Ovingdean gap or Rottingdean and back over the cliffs.

Just “The Lanes”, surely? Unless you want to encourage all those people who can’t distinguish between Lanes and the old English word Laine?

Other than that, if you’re going to wander up to the West Pier, then a trip up the i360 might be a nice thing to do if the weather’s clear

any of you guys know anywhere on the sussex coast for a nice/cheap stay? not quite gonna go camping but a caravan or shepherds hut or something would be good. easy to find if you wanna pay some tory wanker 100+ a night to stay in their shed but otherwise… does this exist? probably not.

When are you thinking - we’d probably be looking for cat sitters when we go on holiday at the start of August

Not directly on the coast but close and accessible from Brighton and you’re in a nice part of the Downs

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Hey very cool Brighton people! Where’s fun and hip to eat these days?

Somewhere I don’t have to book, central (ish)

Should just read the thread really!

Also non expensive!


I am but I don’t need anything fancy

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But for real - its not the newest but if you haven’t been before they do some of the best pizza’s that’ll ever pass your lips - has a lovely interior/atmosphere - and you can buy authentic italian ingredients whilst you’re there. Price is very reasonable too

By the Old Stiene