Brighton DiS Meat Pt 1: Saturday 20th July - Hobgoblin Beergarden - 3PM

Ello all @grievoustim suggested perhaps a meet in Brighton as a few people appear to reside there these days and it’d be cool to meet n stuff. Also London people could come down too obvs due to the ease of access :wink:

Humble pint in a beer garden (weather permitting) for now is the general idea I’m floating in my brain so just going to throw a couple of polls out to see what people think.

When are you free?

  • Saturday 29th June
  • Saturday 06th July
  • Saturday 13th July
  • Saturday 20th July
  • Saturday 27th July
  • Saturday 03rd August

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Location location?

  • Hobgoblin Beer Garden
  • Good Companion Beer Garden
  • Patterns Terrace
  • Outside Fortune of War
  • Hare & Hound Beer Garden
  • The Gladstone Beer Garden
  • Sidewinder Beer Garden
  • Other (please specify)

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Brighton crew and people within a manageable distance from Brighton assemble!

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I’d absolutely love to, but is so close to my wedding, it ain’t happening

Sack off the wedding?


His wedding is 5 weeks long apparenrly!

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See you at the pub!

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mini bump

@rob.orch ??

I might could be up for this

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How did I miss this thread?!?!

Points of note

Saturday 3rd August is both my birthday and Pride. Basically it’s party time, but everywhere WILL be rammed

Also, the lack of Basketmakers on the original post makes me a bit sad.

I’ll check my diary now

A few other pubs with beer gardens:

The Bugle (ropey pub that hasn’t changed in 25 years but I love it for that, the secret beer garden is huge)
The Druids (bit student really, but it is open late)
The Office (proper sun trap at certain times of day and good for drinking gin).

The Martha Gunn also has a beer garden, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Also, there’s benches outside the Admiral as well, which would suit me and @grievoustim perfectly

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There’s also the beach for bag o’ cans drinking

Indeed, which was my recommendation to you for Saturday (looks like you had a great time on Insta - I’d have got in touch and asked if you wanted to meet for a half, but I was on childcare duty pretty much all day, and also I assumed you wanted to do your own thing)

But I like the idea of getting into unresolved rounds leading to “I’ll buy you a pint next time” and being locked into a lifetime of owing someone a drink (or being owed a drink). It’s the only way I know to make friends.

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This sounds quite tragic reading it back. It was meant to be a light hearted joke :confused:

Are we all set for 20th July then?

Given that the top choices were Hare & Hound and Hobgoblin, it looks like London Road is a popular area, so could I throw in one last curveball and saw Holler?

If anyone wants to come from further afield and needs somewhere to sleep DM me up

I would have been all over this (I’m only 45 minutes away from Brighton). However I go on holiday on the 20th July. Maybe next time…

Lads, I’ve got a great idea

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Lets lock 20th July


Let’s start early avro?

I am tentatively…


Deff good for the 20th, but I’m not sure how early I’ll be able to get there, might be more like 5 or 6. But I might be able to get there earlier if things pan out ok