Brighton DiSers Christmas meat?!

Someone just asked me about the “bin sitch” as their opening message on a dating app - sexy :grinning:

I’m actually ok - after missing some collections and having a full wheelie it got emptied just before the strike started

Hopefully I’ll whether this difficult time :pray:

Loads of recycling building up in the hallway. Feel bad dumping on top of the massive pile in the outdoor/road bins.

Bin wise we will need to change soon so dunno what to do, don’t really wanna chuck it on the mountain but can’t really keep it in the house.

Might drive stuff to the dump

I support the strike though obviously, just to be clear


It’s gunna be a big problem next week. We’ve reached the tipping point and bin bags are gunma be all over the street next couple days

Some prick has dumped a couple of mattresses the other side of this pile on my road

Ah no that’s awful. Our road looked like that a couple of times when we lived in Hove and it sucked. Blocked all the cycle lanes too which was really dangerous.

I live 30 mins away now, up for a meat whenever one happens :+1:


Me and @grievoustim were talking about this last week. Maybe we could squeeze one in before the end of the year, diaries permitting?


I’m Actually, my diary is looking stupid, so I’m going to throw a date out there

  • Saturday 13th November sounds like a great date for a Brighton Meat. Count me in!
  • Damn it! I’m otherwise engaged
  • I like polls

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Potentially :crossed_fingers:


That’ll be my first Saturday living in Hove!


Can’t u read! It clearly says BRIGHTON meet. :roll_eyes:

… come!

:sob: :sob:

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It’s fine I’m a woodingdean wanker

paging @CillaCrack @hardworking @nav and any other locals who might not have had a look in this thread to see about the meat


does Worthing count? recently moved down here and would be lovely to meet some new people. am trying to get more involved on these boards after decades of lurking!

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We had people from all around the south east join the last official Brighton Meat, so Worthing is more than included. The More The Merrier!

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I hope so. I moved to Worthing in June having lived in Brighton for 12 or so years. Have never met anyone off here before. Will be my first meat if I can make it.

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i’m in Shoreham, and have made a transition from lurker through occasional poster. Not sure I’ve got bravery in me for a meet just yet though :pensive:

Welcome to Hove!

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Ah were a good bunch, pop along if you can, would be great to have you come join

(Thinking I’m 80% in for this, but train and family dependant)