Brighton DiSers

I couldn’t see a dedicated Brighton (and surrounding areas!) thread so thought I’d make one.

Please use this thread to discuss all things Brighton.

I will be a Brighton DiSer from September. I’m currently flat hunting and wondered if anyone has any tips for this? I’m looking to rent until my house in France sells (which will probably take 12-18 months). I’m searching on all of the usual websites and realise how quickly properties move so my plan is to check multiple times a day and phone letting agents as soon as I see something suitable. Any lesser-known places to check?

I know the central, Brunswick, and Seven Dials areas well. I’m familiar with London Road too. Are there any places you’d advise against living in? I’ll need parking and have looked up which zones currently have waiting lists for permits.


Have you checked Facebook? We got our place on there last summer.

We live in Hove and I really prefer it - imo anywhere between Hove, Seven Dials, Brunswick & central Brighton is ideal but I don’t really ever venture that far into central Brighton these days.

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I’ve literally just moved to Worthing in the last month but I lived in Brighton for about 12 years and have lived in most parts of town. The Queen’s Park area of Brighton is one of my favourite areas. Removed enough from the town centre to be quiet but still super close to everything you need and a bit greener out that way.

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Re parking, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to get permits for Y and Z zones which covers all the central areas.


I would also maybe advise against living in the 5 Ways area and where Lewes Road goes out towards Mouslecombe. It’s very studenty (no offence to any students).

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Thanks for the replies :slightly_smiling_face:

@gonad I’ve been looking on marketplace on Facebook, is that what you mean? It’s mostly the same places I’ve seen advertised on rightmove etc. plus a couple of scams! I’ve only got a ‘fake’ facebook profile that I just use for joining local community groups and searching marketplace but I’ve set the location to Brighton. I did search for groups but no luck. Yeah, I really like the areas you mention and I’m more than happy to live in Hove.

@phantom_heart ooh yes, I really like Queen’s Park - you can hand-feed squirrels there, can’t you?! Somewhere around there would be great. I hope you’re enjoying Worthing. That’s good to know about Five Ways as I’m not familiar with that area.

Yep on marketplace, probably does have more scams and stuff but we found stuff was up on there a bit quicker than the sites. Worth keeping an eye on at least!

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Cool, I’ll do that. Thanks :slight_smile:

There’s no waiting list for parking permits in zone J where I am, but whatever zone you move to, the parking office are shocking at the moment and WILL take weeks to sort you out - we’ve been waiting for a pack of visitor permits for about six weeks now.

Most of the places I’ve lived have been off Lewes Road, and while you get more for your money you get surrounded by students, and the council really doesn’t give a shit about the area. I’m down near the level now, and it’s much better. Hanover is nice - Elm Grove is as nice, but a bit cheaper. If you go a bit further north it gets cheaper still. You don’t move to Brighton because it’s cheap though, and personally I’d avoid Patcham or The Dip even though they are cheaper. Equally though I’m not sure I’d pay the premium for Seven Dials or Fiveways.

Tbh, if it is just 18 months, I’d try and find a flat in one of the squares or in embassy court or somewhere like that, and love where you live before being sensible and buying somewhere for the right reasons

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I’m just off Elm Grove, my parking zone (V) didn’t have a waiting list for a parking permit last year, although as @rob.orch said they are slow in general atm.

What are your priorities I guess? In my experience flats nearer central areas can be quite interesting and fun, but a higher chance of being woken up by shouting in the street in the middle of the night, and the old interesting flats tend to have very thin windows. Hanover is generally quieter (unless you are right next to some hectic students). One good thing about Brighton is that the distances aren’t too big, I can walk to the station or to the sea or to the Downs in about 15 minutes each.

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Thank you and to @hardworking also :slightly_smiling_face: It could be longer than 18 months as it depends how long my house takes to sell but I’m hoping it isn’t longer! I’m not looking forward to going back to renting.

Cheaper is definitely my priority and I’m happy to live further out and get more for my money. As mentioned, everywhere is very accessible by foot. My son is about to go into his final year at uni but this means I’ll be paying his rent and living costs as well as my own and all on my single salary. I need a garden or outside space as I have two cats and as I work in Kent I need my car so parking is a priority too. The absolute ideal would be a ground floor flat in a purpose built block with an allocated parking space. I’ve seen a couple like this but they’ve gone so quickly!

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Hi. Please can I get recommendations for a good pub lunch?
Good beer and vegetarian options appreciated. Walking distance from the beach and train station would be preferable

The basketmakers. No outdoor seating though


I like the North Laine Brewhouse and they have good veggie/vegan options and good beer

The Lion & Lobster is also good

I like Temple a lot. I think they often have guest chefs in and looking at their website it’s still Halisco (their burritos are amazing)

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The Westhill behind the station does an amazing Sunday roast. Best I’ve ever had.

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They’ve got benches outside! The artisan’s choice is basking in the sun sitting on the pavement over the road though (although I doubt they’d bring your lunch over there)

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If you found yourself a bit further Hovewards, the Brunswick is near the seafront, has good beers and lots of seating indoors and out, and good food I think?

Or just for beers, the Hole In The Wall is excellent, and unlikely to be troubled by many tourists.

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Just thought I’d bump this to have some Brighton chat.

How’s everyone coping with the bin strike? My other half took a few bin bags up to the tip earlier this week. Looks like that might be a regular thing reading the news

The annoying was that we’d had two missed collections before the strike. Fortunately I have a lot of spare time at the moment so I’ve been able to go to the tip during non-busy times. Went for a ride yesterday and the cycle path was blocked in a couple of places due to piled up rubbish

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I cycled over seven dials last weekend, and there was already a massive pile by the communal bins at Montpelier Crescent. I can’t imagine what it’s like now. What are you supposed to do if you live in a small flat and don’t have a car?