Brighton / Patcham Area Reco's Please

I’m down for the Marathon in a few weeks time and staying in an Airbnb in Patcham area.

I’ll be near Ladies Mile Rd type area.

I know city centre relatively well but not so much the outskirts so any reco’s for good pubs, cafes, take-aways etc please?

Also, I’d like to find somewhere to do some ‘proper’ lane swimming indoors at some point (assume lidos aren’t open yet but might not rule out if they are). Is the Prince Regent any good? Looks like it has a 25m pool.

Any advice welcome, ta.

I’ve never lived in Patcham so I’m not able to be much help I’m afraid - it is very residential. But Brighton is not that big so it doesn’t take long to get into town

I had an uninspiring but satisfactory pint and thai meal in the Long Man of Wilmington pub last year if that’s any good to you

oh and the Prince Regent is just a standard public swimming baths really, 25m pool. Nothing swanky. They are building an Olympic size pool by the concorde 2 but I think they’ll be pushed to have it ready on time

Yeah Patcham is nice but like @grievoustim says it’s pretty residential. The Ladies Mile is the main pub, but it’s more of a local’s boozer. Still really friendly and nice for a pint but if you’re looking for something a bit more exciting probably best to head in to town. Bus takes 20 mins.

If you’re looking for a nice cafe in the area would recommend Honey’s. Good coffee and nice food

I lived in patcham and there is nothing of note there outside of la tanas (itallian resteraunt) and the long man of wilmington is a decent enough pub

Better of hopping on the number 5 into town wont take but a moment and the busses are 24/7 (on weekends)

Cheers for the info. V handy.

I’ll be driving down so might go via Lewes before I go to Patcham as it’s v nice spot.

Is there anywhere on the A23 worth stopping that has nice shops/cafes etc?

Is Haywards Heath any good?

Cheers, is there anyone else decent to swim? St Lukes? I think it’s owned by same Co as PR…

Just bumping this in case there are any more reco’s.

Cheers all.