Brighton Venue Audit

Does this have legs? Probably not.

Concorde 2?

  • Concorde Do!
  • Concorde Poo

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I like Concorde because the Bar is in a different room from the venue meaning less ambient noise. Sound is generally good unless you’re at the back where the bottleneck fucks it, viewing angles are mostly fine. Expensive bar though and the location isn’t great. Appreciate screens to see the show when you’re at the bar.

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And seats!

I still have a lot of love for Concorde 2, and the Bison pop up bar opposite helps a lot now!

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Green Door Store?

  • Green Adore Store
  • Green No More Store

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Much like Concorde 2 I do appreciate the fact the bar is in a separate room and like the outdoor/smoking bit. I’ve had lots of great times there but often feel like it’s in spite of the venue. They do great nights, fantastic events in general, but I find the venue quite uncomfortable. The sound is rarely good from experience, the floor is uneven and hurts my feet if I’m stood there for a long period of time . Bar is good, toilets are horrendous. They fix a couple issues and it becomes the best venue in Brighton but I just cant comfortably stay there for long periods of time.

Agree that the toilets are horrendous.

I love GDS though. Had many great nights there, especially as a student. Black Midi, Omni, Julia Jacklin, Scalping were all especially good there. Think it perfectly tows the line between being really murky and grim but also a good venue.

Beers are pricey though, especially that IPA.

Hope and Ruin

  • Hopey
  • Ruiney

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WAY better since the venue redesign, used to be pretty bad, really like it now

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I’ve only been once, for Washed Out, so I have nothing to compare it to. Friendly staff, banging (vegan) food and they were playing my favourite Talking Heads album at the time so I had a really good experience

Brighton Dome

  • do me
  • don’t do me

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A stunner. Proper lovely venue and a really good size. Did a lot of volunteering with them for Brighton Festival and can confirm that the people who run it are all lovely. Lots of women in high positions too which is great to see.


speaking of Washed Out anyone remember that pokey little venue that used to be near where Blind Tiger Club was that had two huge pillars right in front of the stage? memories of watching washed out whilst peeking out from behind one of those. it got closed down and it wasn’t quite a shame eh

seen some amazing stuff there too and very eclectic - top two highlights would be Sufjan Stevens and JME / Skepta / Novelist & The Square / Stormzy / Ghetts which is also now an insanely ahead of it’s time line-up.

Was tempted to try and get tickets for the Nick Cave thing there recently / soon but missed out.

It’s a really beautiful venue.

Sufjan and Massive Attack have got to be my picks from the shows I’ve seen there

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The Brighthelm Centre

  • Alrighthelm
  • Shitehelm

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West Hill Hall

  • best hill hall
  • honestly it’s a BYOB community centre that puts on great gigs for cheap just click ‘best hill’

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i’ve only seen fringe / theatre stuff here, do they have gigs on too?

occasionally, saw Jessica Pratt there not too long ago

What?! I live right by there and didn’t know they have gigs