Bring back the ^


Can DIS bring back the ^?

Hitting the heart button is nice but - this is DIS, we need to “this!”


afraid I prefer the like, even if it is generic.

“this” is just kinda injokey and sounds silly. Like I can imagine comic book guy from the simpsons or something saying “this” and then laughing under his breath.

Just learn to love man.


“Like” and “this” have slightly different meanings…so I’d bring them both back (if I were an evil internet overlord)


much prefer a good old fashioned response.

Get really excited when the blue number comes up only to be crushed when it’s a like :frowning:




(sorry…couldn’t resist)

This from the guy who got way over 100 likes for one post (well deserved, may I add). Numbers most of us can only dream of.


I’m only joking mate :slight_smile:


think if we’re going for time and effort to like ratio I’m right down at the bottom, I’m such a needy bellend :slight_smile:


i want a “don’t like” button


Lives on in tshirts


alright, teenage facebook user circa 2009


who catalogues the “done me” instances again?


i thought this until i posted on a forum with a +1/-1 button with a bunch of annoying american shitheads


Don’t the t-shirts get it wrong? I’m sure they’re all “this^”




Did like the little “this” button but the hearts/likes are basically the same thing