Bring it, Thursday

How are you? I’ve got a cold face from cycling.

Busy day today so I’m expecting to fully waste it on here. Let’s do this!

I got lost on my run and ran further than I meant to and now my legs are achey and I’m tired. Might try to persuade the TV to come to Manchester By The Sea tonight, then WFH and The Hotelier tomorrow

Ditto. Two jobs due today, one that I’ll only get finished if I spend the next four hours translating without even the tiniest of breaks. Oh well. It’s only work isn’t it

Bit warm on the way to work in all honesty. Merino + super duper swish cycling jacket. Feet were cold though.


I’ve cocked something up a bit at work. It’s fine, it’s totally fixable, but I’ve gone and created a whole load of unnecessary hassle for myself. Well done, me.

checks watch

name names

morning all

WFH as my boy is off sick from school

Bit tired as I stayed up latish watching a film, and then my son woke me up at 4 wanting cough medicine

My boss has offered me a sideways move into a job that I previously described as looking like it would be really boring. I think I might take it though as

a) thinking about it, it might not be so bad
b) i need a change
c) I hate job interviews, and with current anxiety issues I think I might actually explode if I had to do one. So this means I get to change jobs without having to interview

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How do you keep your feet warm when cycling? I’m wearing 2 pairs of socks including some proper Morvelo ones but I worry for my toes. Should I be going down the merino route?

Overshoes isn’t it:

Work best with proper bike wanker shoes but can be worn over anything really.

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So it’s come to this, I’m going to have to get overshoes…

See @profk, you see what happens?!

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got contacted about several jobs today, don’t really want them but will have to take them. can i sleep at night if i earn my living editing video game streams for youtube?

gonna have coffee and watch frasier on +1.

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one you realise that wearing proper bike clothes when you’re riding a bike is far more comfy than regular clothes we will welcome you with open arms

Oh I see, I’m unwelcome currently am I? You’ve changed.

I’ve got all the skin tight wanker-y essentials, base layers, padded undies, Morvelo socks, Vulpine and Morvelo jerseys, just need to reduce the frostbite on my toes.

oh i didn’t mean you

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I can’t seem to wake up this winter.

Getting 25 likes on this post has made me somewhat cheery


I still think

was even better.

A lot of strong posting yesterday though Meo <3


I’m in meetings all day (including right now, but it’s a video conference)

Thinking about getting one of these


but not sure how soon I can afford it. When on a colleagues yesterday, at top assistance I got up to 55km/h. Game changer, and means I could use it to get to work sooner than a normal bike with my hip problems etc [/spoiler]

Newband have our first gig in two weeks so all of my weekends are spent practicing.

This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.

(oh my god- is it an ebike???)


e-bike Cube with a bosch motor?