Bringing your parents to work / do you parents know what you do?



Seems to be a thing here at the moment where people are bringing their parents into work to show them around. Does this happen where you work? It’s weird isn’t it?

Do your parents even know what you do for a living? I’ve tried explaining it to my parents but I don’t think they get it.

Chat as much as you like. No SSP.


That’s fucking weird.

My parents DO know what I do.


“something to do with computers”


don’t think I want to live in a world where this is an thing, to be totally honest


The CEO/founder’s parents came in once and he showed them round, introduced them to people. But they were over from the US and stuff, so I guess it was their only chance to see what their son had created if you like.

I can’t imagine other people doing it.


That’s really weird. It doesn’t happen does it?

They have a vague idea I think.


Security at my work would never allow it

It would be deeply weird anyway

My Step Dad works in a similar field so must have a vague idea what I do, but we never discuss it

My Mum does not have a clue really


nah, that’s well weird. Probably to do with people in london being maladjusted adultbabies


We did have a family open day recently, actually, but that was more for people to show their kids the big gnarly machines etc. I didn’t get my mum to come along so I could show her my desk and where I’d put a pot plant if I had a pot plant.

Don’t think my mum understands what I do. She didn’t understand what I was studying, either. Or any of my hobbies or interests.


Think sadpunk is from some northerly desolate wasteland.


haha no.

my parents have never been in my flat.




Do you think we give a fuck? All the same. Other.


Just get Jean to say i’m in meetings then i’ll fire over a quick SMS once i’m done on the back nine.


It’s reassuring to see the consensus is that it’s weird. It is fucking weird.


Really weird.

Like, if I was meeting my Mum for lunch or something, and she was a little early, then I’d invite her in and she’d be welcome, but that’s it. at a push. and even that would never happen.


My dad is sometimes in my work but that’s because I work at a publisher and a different department publishes some of his stuff. It’s always weird seeing him here though.


I send them links when a report I’ve worked on publishes, they say they will read it but I don’t think they do


Once Mrs HYG’s parents were in the country on holiday, they were meant to meet her in the evening but got done early so she said they could come to her office. Her mum ended up falling asleep on a sofa in the middle of their open plan office, to everyone’s great amusement.


Can’t imagine any circumstance in which friends/family would go any further than the main ground floor reception tbh