Since everyone was all up in arms about me saying that Savage Garden were the best band to come out of Brisbane, an opinion I hold truly madly deeply.

The Go-Betweens goes without saying, there’s even a bridge (kinda) named after them here, which considering Brisbane as a whole is pretty impressive. Robert Forster’s son’s band The Goon Sax made a great start with their debut album earlier this year too.

The book Pig City by Andrew Stafford was a great oversight over the city’s history, with some great oversight over The Saints and the police / political tension in the city in decades past.

Fortitude Valley’s pretty spoiled with live music venues, to be fair. It makes the annual Bigsound festival work really well as far as an inner-city-multi-venue-festival goes. It’s a two day thing with multiple venues hosting multiple bands (mostly Australian) with approx 18 venues within 200m of each other.

Anyway, after discovering Kitchen Floor from that other thread, and listening to 4ZZZ too much, this thread is for posting about Brisbane based bands and artists.

I include this sentence to trigger Google Alerts for Everett True.

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oh the Bennies aren’t from Brisbane, i was just posting them in the worst recent bands thread!

Big fan of Gabriella Cohen, her voice is amazing.

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Hahaha, I love that song! Crosses the so-bad-it’s-good line for me.

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classic 90s Brisbane

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Violent Soho are as close as it gets to royalty here, and while I think they’re pretty good, I don’t get why they’re SO huge. At Laneway Festival this year you couldn’t even get vaguely near the tent where they were playing. Biggest crowd I saw for the whole festival.

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Here’s a collaborative Spotify playlist. Anything goes as long as they’re from Brisbane.

this rise for these guys has been remarkable, unlike their music

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Bris has always done the guitar pop pretty well, this is one of my favourites

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never understood the hype about Violent Soho. can someone maybe explain?

i think it is a lot to do with timing for Violent Soho

when they originally broke it was with support of Thurston Moore/Ecstatic Peace - but that they relationship fell apart

then they reconvened as straight up meat and potatoes grunge rock and they gave the kids what they were looking for at the time

This is the perfect opportunity to plug Nite Fields. Can’t believe they’re not from Melbourne. Crazy.

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Yeah I think their sustained success is now mostly down to being THAT Brisbane act that broke big on the right festivals at the right time with suitableTriple J backing. You can’t go to a festival/certain type of gig, hell even any university in the city without seeing packs of Violent Soho tops (alongside Smith Street Band, what?) floating around.

I guess they’ve just filled the gap in the ‘token rock band the city champions’ that Powderfinger left vacant.

Oh and for those interested in the aforementioned book/that kind of thing, Staf of Pig City fame launched a label a couple months ago called, erm, Pig City Records.

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I think you’re right, though usually those who receive that universal level of adoration are a lot blander, or at least don’t make music with shouting in. You’re spot on in terms of merchandise, I think there may be more Violent Soho t-shirts around here than there are t-shirts.

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Pig City is a great book, love it

I’d also recommend reading Rob Forster’s latest ‘Grant & I’ about the Go-Betweens, Grant, and the pig city Brisbane scene in general

Future Of The Left coming back next year. I’m a very happy man.

I like Hey Geronimo

Their new clip references a lot of Brisbane bands, too.

Also really liked the Grates’ debut album (from 2006):