Bristol DiSers


There is a 95% chance that I’ll be moving to Bristol in late 2019 or early 2020.

I understand there’s a few of you around… @rarity @the_ravens @riverwise you’re all Bristolians right? Anyone else?

Starting this thread to a) make FRIENDS and b) potentially ask stupid questions about the city. Watch this space!


Not a native but close by. COME!!

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Do it! I’ve got a lot of time for this place. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better than most other places I’ve lived in the UK. Happy to answer questions you might have, and my friendship can be purchased for a very reasonable fee also.


I go to Bristol once a month and will do for the next year - I don’t know anything about the city but I’ll say hi


Bristol’s good. Good choice. Some of my friends live there but they don’t dis. Or maybe they do?

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Mate, do it. Bristol’s the best place I’ve been to in this country. It’s got a really accepting vibe where you’re allowed to express yourself as whoever you are. All your questions can be answered with either Buckfast, cheers drive or Park Street wankers. My friendship can be leased at budget rates or you can pay a lump sum upfront for a long term investment.


Awesome! Not native, only been here almost 2 years, but I love it! Really great vibe. Dooooo iiiiiittttt :slight_smile:

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Literally once had a pair of police people give me back my weed in Bristol.

This is true though.

Yep, I live on Stokes Croft and it pretty much always smells of weed. I probably get high just by walking through it.


Distol brisers

I work on Stokes Croft and it makes me chuckle that it smells of weed as much on a weekday morning on my way in as at any other time. If I could work stoned I’d totally be joining in

You are the guy in dreads who works at the Canteen and I claim my five pounds


I really like Bristol @AQOS. My ATD lives in St George’s and it’s pretty nice, lived in Bedminster before that. I pop across to see her every 6 weeks or so, could tie in a meet at some point if you do end up there.

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Been here 6 years now, actual best place. What sort of work are you on the lookout for? Happy to provide any pointers about living here too, from the good areas to live to the good pubs/breweries/whatever that new LHG thing counts as (it is good though).

I was up at the tower near Stoke Park this morning. You can see pretty much the whole place from there

What is that tower? Kind of looks a bit cold war-y?

nothing so exciting, it’s to do with BT