Bristol DiSers

What is that tower? Kind of looks a bit cold war-y?

nothing so exciting, it’s to do with BT

You’re right, but still an amazing view (as you’re not looking towards Cheswick Village)

Spent a significant chunk of my Friday in that massive IKEA.

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thoughts and prayers

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Zurg’s house we call it. Which only makes sense if you have played the Toy Story 2 game on xbox or whatever.

@Joke my sister lives in Easton which is a nice area, Sweetmart for your spices and loads of good eating about. pparenlty is up and coming, lot of house redevelopment going on and a good cemetery :smiley:
I use to work at Ashley Down which is also a good area.

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Made this list of my google maps saved spots for a friend who was moving there earlier this year.

Bristol Lido
Bristol Harbour
Cabot Tower
SS Great Britain
Clifton Observatory
Royal West Academy
Arnolfini Gallery
Hippodrome Theatre
Spike Island
Bristol Cathedral
Clifton Suspension Bridge
The Cube
We The Curious
Giants Cave
Ashton Court
View Art Gallery
Grant Bradley Gallery
Watershed Cinema
St Mary Redcliffe Church
M Shed Museum
Makers Art Gallery

Sticks & Broth
Khao & Bao
Edna’s Kitchen
Javan’s Sweets
Caribbean Croft
Soul Kitchen
Eat A Pitta
Caribbean Wrap
Burger Joint
Za Za Bazaar
The Love Inn
Yurt Lush
The Apple
The Gallimaufry
Biblos Cafe
Shop 3 Bistro
The Arts House
Cafe Kino
Bagel Boy
Albatross Cafe
Primrose Cafe
Harts Bakery
Pinkmans Bakery

Urban Fox
Beware Of The Leopard
Bloom & Curll
Loot Vintage
St Nicolas Market
Abode Furnishings
Rag & Bone
Rough Trade
PK Music Exchange
Prime Cuts
Mon Pote
Rhubarb Jumble
The Mighty Quinns Flower Emporium
Clifton Arcade


I love you

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So so good!

Scoop Away on Gloucester road for unpackaged food (enjoy singing to the tune of Gouge Away) is good too

Also (though I don’t get to go out much) have enjoyed:

The hatchet inn
The Queen’s head, Easton
The old market tavern

Troopers hill in st George and st George’s Park are good too

Windmill city farm is great as well


Extensive! Sticks and Broth has closed though, as has Khao and Bao. Wokyko is probably your best bet for that sort of food now, there are a few around.

Flour and Ash on Gloucester Road does the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. Eatchu (gyoza) and Matina (middle Eastern wraps) in St Nicks are both unmissable too. Could recommend about a million good pubs too.


Gonna visit later in the year (for a craft brewery natch) so will also take on these suggestions/maybe a mini meet?

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+1 for Matina, they’re terrific. Might go there for my lunch tomorrow.

The Bristol gig scene is very strong as well. There’s decent venues of all sizes, until you get to 1500+, and plenty of acts coming through town.

(Very generous definition of decent if I’m including the Academy, mind you)

Gonna add to this with PUBS/BARS:

The Hatchet - strong metal vibes but always a good time, fairly cheap
The Mother’s Ruin - see above
The Bank Tavern - for all your drinking in an alley needs plus they give me discount
The Crown - see above, also a good place for watching sportsballs
The Inn on the Green - long way out but the best roast in Bristol
The Cadbury - gorgeous beer garden for summer time
The Queenshilling - best gay bar in Bristol
Stokes Croft Beer Garden - beautiful summer pop up, makes you forget you’re in Stokes Croft
The Star and Garter - tucked out of the way but really awesome reggae inspired atmosphere
The Bell - nice place to go for a chill one despite its central location
Kong’s - drink and play vidya games
The Apple - great collection of ciders
The Full Moon - for when you want to get fucked up

Brandon Hill is one of my favourite places in the city. Brilliant for a picnic on a hot day (with a quick stop at the Hope and Anchor beer garden on the way home).

Good list. Thing about the Apple is, it sounds brilliant - a bar full of ciders! On a boat! - but the reality is a bit depressing. It’s basically just a giant black hole for getting drunk in. There’s a time and a place for that, of course, but I was a bit disappointed on first encounter and I’ve never quite shaken that off.

Other pubs I like are the Gryphon (even more metal than the Hatchet), the Three Tuns, the Phoenix, both Volunteers, and my undiscovered treat would be the Quinton House, a tiny little place tucked away near the Waitrose on the Triangle.

The Apple really needs to be a sunny summer afternoon kind of place so you can bask in the heat. Otherwise yes, it can feel like being trapped in a sinkhole.

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If you’re out fishponds way the Star is good

Agreed about the Apple, think it suffers from being on the stag do trail as well (as does pretty much all of King Street).

A lot of good pubs already mentioned, big fan of the Bag o’Nails (but you have to like cats and not mind the smell too much), the Green Man (Cotham), Portcullis, Port of Call (both Clifton), Seven Stars (next door to the Fleece) and the Good Measure (Redland, it’s Good Chemistry’s tap room).

Have we convinced you yet @Joke?


The Orchard is a great pub, tucked away near the SS Great Britain, just as much cider as The Apple. but much quieter due to not being on King St. Also does huge doorstop sandwiches for quite cheap.
Golden Guinea is another good one, near St Mary Redcliffe, and they’ve just taken over The Rising Sun on Windmill Hill.

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